How to Get from Sydney to Canberra

How to Get from Sydney to Canberra

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How to Get from Sydney to Canberra easily???

The distance from Sydney to Canberra is 287.8 kilometers and it takes 3 hours and 42 minutes via M31. There are 13+ flights from Sydney to Canberra and the duration is 55 minutes.

There are 5 ways to get from Sydney to Canberra by bus, train, car or plane.

How to Get from Sydney to Canberra?

1. By bus

It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes by bus from Sydney to Canberra and the cost is $45-75. Once you get to the M5 tunnel and toll way it is plain sailing from there, dual carriageway and very clearly signed. The toll way connects to the Hume Highway (31.)  You turn left after Goulburn on to the Federal Highway to Canberra.

Remembrance Driveway

The route between Sydney and Canberra has many sections with beautiful avenues of trees. In fact, the route is known as Remembrance Driveway and sections have been planted in memory of Australian soldiers who have died in service.


In 1954 the Queen and Prince Philip launched the Remembrance Driveway when they each planted a plane tree in Macquarie Place, Sydney. These trees mark the Sydney end of the Driveway. In 2002 three Red Spotted Gums were planted by the Governor-General in the Remembrance Park, behind the Australian War Memorial, Canberra to mark the Canberra end of the Driveway.

Rest and Toilet Stops

There are nine rest stops with toilets on this journey.

Grandmas at the farm

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Coffee and Lunch Stops

If you take the drive slowly, you can enjoy a stop off and explore in the pretty Southern Highlands towns of Moss Vale, Mittagong, Bowral and Berrima. There’s also the village of Collector, just off the Federal Highway about 45 minutes outside Canberra.

2. Train

It is the cheapest option to get from Sydney to Canberra and takes 4 hours and 8 minutes and the cost ranges between $12-16

3. Bus via Domestic Airport Station.

The duration is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

4. Drive

It takes 3 hours and 5 minutes to drive from Sydney to Canberra and the cost is $54.20.

5. Fly

It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes and the cost is $ 140-340.

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