How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams?


Since cryptocurrency has started increasing in numbers as well as value individually, the number of crypto investors is also growing. People who know about this digital asset, and have interest in investment, tried at-least for once to invest in it. And, no doubt that cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ethereum are also increasing in value and helping people generate more profit. You can improve your trading skills by visiting an online trading platform like

However, though this sounds good, the opposite part of the story may sound bitter. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency also led to a huge number of scammers that sprouted over the market. No one can control the way bitcoin is expanding and this is providing more opportunity to the scammers to make unauthorized movements. 

According to a study, crypto scammers stole over $7.8 billion worth of cryptos in the years of 2020 which will become over $14 billion worth in 2021. The numbers are shocking. You can’t put a stop on this because no one can regulate the crypto network. However, countries are trying to bring some regulations on the investment processes of cryptos, indirectly to the crypto world that can control this fraud to a certain extent.

However, for now there is only one way to make your crypto profits secured from these scammers and that is by being educated. You need to know the market very well along with safe strategies of investing in cryptos. Here are some of these tips that you can practice to get rid of these scammers.

Research thoroughly

Researching the market has been recommended by almost all the crypto experts to the new investors for a wise investment since the beginning. However, in that case that we are talking about currently in this article, you need to research more on the bitcoin facts and happenings. Read about the previous fraud cases and try to understand how they happened or what precaution you can take to avoid them. Along with that, all the outer sources you are using such as the trading platform, etc.- research about them too before involving.

Secure your wallet

If you are purchasing virtual currencies and putting them in a crypto wallet, you must be completely confident that the organization that created your digital wallet has a strong track record. You shouldn’t give anyone your wallet login information, and you shouldn’t use a public Wi-Fi network to access it. It’s essential to password-protect your devices and sign up for two-factor authentication so that if someone gets a hold of your laptop or phone, they cannot access your wallet. Utilizing several wallets or even offline cold storage devices can be a good idea. In this manner, you won’t lose everything if there is a breach. 

Avoid emails

Receiving emails from unknowns about crypto investments are common when you are entering into the market. Some of these pieces can contain a great looking note about investing a little and making a lot out of bitcoin or other cryptos. Yes, these things sound good, no doubt. But you should doubt them. Believe us, there is no shortcut way to generate a huge profit in a day or two out of the crypto market. It can happen indeed but it is not obvious. It depends on your knowledge, trading strategy, current market condition, and a little bit on your luck. Therefore, you should be careful to not fall prey to such emails and just go your way. 

Correct crypto exchange platforms

Another very important factor that you have to consider when dealing with cryptocurrencies is that you need to choose the correct cryptocurrency platform for this purpose. If you fail to choose the correct cryptocurrency exchange platform you can suffer too many losses. So, you must pick the right one. If you end up choosing the wrong platform you might also end up getting scammed.


Today, investment can’t be thought of leaving the asset crypto aside. But similarly, you can’t also avoid crypto scams. Cryptocurrency scammers are also advanced along with increasing crypto investment. Therefore, use only safe, reliable platforms or wallets with strong security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and anti-phishing codes, and be alert and watchful at all times. Trust your gut, stay away from unproven platforms, and adhere to the “too good to be true” principle while investing.