New Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2023


Conventional assets like stocks and bonds are being traded from many years back, compared to those, cryptocurrency can be considered new. It appeared in 2009. However, being a new asset class, the cryptocurrency market can’t be thought to be left behind. In fact, it is now traded more than conventional stock markets with its huge numbers of cryptos that are being created every day. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you must visit, and start your trading journey hassle-free.

Launching cryptocurrencies is far simpler than building a blockchain from scratch because an existing blockchain’s code can be copied. Code for a blockchain can be copied and modified according to the creator’s tastes without requiring any changes. Then, a brand-new coin is created that uses the same fundamental technical underpinnings as the original but has a different blockchain. Here, we have brought to you some new and interesting cryptos that you can try trading in 2023. 

1. Fight Out (FIGHT)

Users may now earn $FIGHT, a new way from Fight Out to earn cryptocurrency, in addition to the health advantages of being active. Users who complete exercises and challenges, earn badges, and contribute to the community are rewarded with M2E tokens. REPS, an in-app currency, is used to reward users. More REPS can be acquired by spending $FGHT tokens on them, or they can be exchanged for Fight Out goods, NFTs, online training sessions, and combat equipment. Due to the fact that only 10% of the total supply is designated for liquidity, investors who miss out on the presale will have difficulty purchasing the tokens on exchanges. Users receive $FIGHT tokens as payment for their movements and steps, which is one manner in which they vary from other move-to-earn tokens. The cryptocurrency is mirrored in the user’s avatar and the user’s physical development can also be tracked by this crypto ecosystem using its cutting-edge technology.

2. C+ Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is an eco-friendly crypto ecosystem that provides a peer-to-peer payments network and carbon credit benefits to drivers just for charging their electric vehicles. The native token of C+Charge (EVs) is CCHG. Midway through December 2022, C+Charge opened its presale and offered CCHG during stage 1 at $0.013. Individuals who want to lock in a coin’s price while it’s still cheap should get CCHG tokens at this time before their value rises by 80% to $0.0235 in stage 4 of the presale. The C+Charge smartphone app, which also tracks the carbon credits users obtain after charging their cars, will allow EV drivers to pay for charging their cars using CCHG tokens that are kept in a wallet. By using this app drivers may also find working charging stations nearby and learn the cost and wait time of the charge. The ability to run diagnostic checks and receive real-time data for every station will be helpful to operators too.

3. Dash to Trade (D2T)

In addition to the massive attention its presale is receiving, Dash 2 Trade is another top choice for the best new cryptocurrency to invest in since its dashboard will help users become better traders and investors. Less than 50 million D2T tokens are still up for sale, and the project is in the last stage of the presale, having raised more than $11 million. D2T tokens are currently selling for $0.0533, and the presale is now scheduled to end on January 5 with the IEO on January 11, 2023. Dash 2 Trade wants to educate people about cryptocurrency and help them avoid fraudulent initiatives that have harmed the market. The platform aims to achieve this by employing a variety of data points and signals that will enable users to select the appropriate time to buy, sell, or hold onto their tokens.

4. Calvaria (RIA)

Players can get tokens in Calvaria through participating in the game and making contributions to the ecosystem. This card game created RIA tokens not only for awards but also to give the ecosystem economic stability and credit participants while they were playing. You can gain more such tokens by staking the existing.


These are some of the new cryptocurrencies that you can choose for investment in the coming year. You can head over to exchange platforms that help you with investment in these cryptos.