How To Plan A Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Weddings are special occasions that often require much planning and preparation. But when it comes to destination weddings, the stakes can be even higher. With so many details, it can be overwhelming for even the most organized couples.

One of the most difficult choices is picking the right destination for your big day. Do you want to celebrate where you first met or where your family is from? Do you want to go somewhere off the beaten path or take advantage of one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations?

If you’re looking for a destination enveloped in breathtaking mountain views, look no further than Gatlinburg in Tennessee. Gatlinburg is known as the “The Wedding Capital of the South” and offers an array of beautiful outdoor ceremony sites.

But the destination isn’t the only factor to take care of. If you’re entangled in the thought of how to plan a destination wedding, here are seven tips on how you can make the process easier.

Research Your Destination

Before you decide on a specific destination, research the area and explore its possibilities. Look into popular venues and the best lodging options for your guests. Also, find out which vendors offer services in the area.

If Gatlinburg sounds like your dream wedding destination, you can book cozy wedding cabin rentals with enough space to accommodate you and your guests. There’s nothing better than having all your well-wishers under one roof.

You must also consider the weather and season, along with any restrictions or permits required. If you’re heading to the Smokies for your precious “I Do” moment, fall is the best time to get married and have a picture-perfect outdoor wedding ceremony.  If you want your wedding to be more Instagrammable, then a wedding hashtag display is the way to go! Have a wedding hashtag and get help from a wedding hashtag generator.

Set a budget

There’s no denying the fact that destination weddings come with a hefty price tag. From traveling and accommodations to decorations and catering, every detail adds up. Set a budget, check all the expenses in advance, and create a savings plan to help you stay under budget.

You can also consider getting a wedding loan to cover the main expenses. Check with your bank to see if they offer a loan specifically for your wedding. Off-seasons can also help you save a lot. Some other tips that’ll help you save include using email to send wedding invites, hosting a brunch reception instead of dinner, and skipping the traditional favors.

So, sit with your soon-to-be spouse and decide on a budget.

Consider your guests’ convenience

Your guests are your biggest cheerleaders, so consider their convenience when planning your destination wedding. Book hotels nearby or provide transportation to and from the event. You can also help book flights for out-of-towners and organize carpools for those who are driving in.

We recommend avoiding holidays and peak tourist seasons to keep the costs down for your guests. As soon as you’ve finalized your details, send out “Save the Date” cards to give your guests plenty of time to plan their trip.

Hire a professional wedding planner

Planning a destination wedding is more challenging than it looks. The enthusiastic offers from your friends to help you out may not be enough. Hiring a professional wedding planner is best to ensure everything goes smoothly. Plus, they have a list of local vendors who will know the area and its hidden gems.

Schedule a few meetings with the planner to discuss your wedding details and preferences. It’s also helpful if you can provide them with pictures of what you envision for your big day to look like.

Add a hint of local culture

Adding a hint of local culture will make your special day even more memorable. Incorporate the language into your wedding vows, include local delicacies at the wedding dinner, and ask your guests to dress up in traditional outfits.

You can also have a few local performers entertain your guests with music or dance. It will add an element of surprise while making your wedding more unique and special. In Gatlinburg, for instance, you can have a team of cloggers from the Smoky Mountains welcome and entertain your guests.

It pays to research local customs, as you don’t want to offend anyone.

Always have a plan B

Have you ever imagined the horror of having your designer dress not arrive on time? Or worse, what about if rain starts pouring down on your wedding day? These concerns can be enough to cause any bride or groom-to-be sleepless nights.

Last-minute emergencies are unavoidable nuisances that come with destination weddings. Plan for them in advance so you don’t get caught off guard on your wedding day.Have a backup plan for your outfit, decorations, and venue.

We recommend visiting the wedding venue beforehand and checking if it has a covered area in case of rain. You must also have emergency contacts on hand in case of unexpected mishaps. Remember to bring an emergency kit filled with items such as a sewing kit, snacks, band-aids, and medications.

Plan additional events

Trust us; you (or your guests) wouldn’t want to leave the picturesque destination without exploring it. You can plan additional events like a tour of the local attractions or a barbecue after the wedding ceremony. Whatever you decide, make it enjoyable for everyone on the list. How about a wine-tasting session for the adults and a treasure hunt for the kids?

You can also skip the traditional favors and give your guests a unique experience like parasailing, rock climbing, kayaking, or snorkeling. This way, your guests will leave with sweet memories of your wedding rather than a keychain or a candle.

If you’re short on ideas, your wedding planner can help you with some suggestions.


Organizing a destination wedding takes a lot of work. But if you plan it right, you and your guests will have an unforgettable experience. So, allow yourself enough time to pay special attention to each detail. This way, even if you miss out on something as important as a photographer or a DJ (yes, it’s possible), you’ll have ample time up your sleeve to fix it.

Hire the best vendors, make sure your guests are comfortable, and don’t forget to add a hint of local flair.Most importantly, have fun! After all, it’s your special day. Enjoy the adventure that comes with planning a destination wedding. We promise you won’t regret it.