How To Plan A Holiday In Northwest Victoria

How To Plan A Holiday In Northwest Victoria

Going on a vacation is an opportune time to enjoy breathtaking views and have fun with your friends and family. Perhaps you want to visit Northwest Victoria this summer. After all, Victoria is known for its beaches, mountains, national parks and wineries.

You must make a detailed plan so that everything works out well. Failure to plan may result in a lot of inconvenience, making your vacation less fun. With that in mind, here’s how to plan a holiday in Northwest Victoria:

1. Locate A Reliable Holiday Destination

Northwest Victoria has beautiful places you can pick to enjoy your travel with your family. Mildura is one of the most famous travel destinations across the outback. It’s located near Murray River, truly fostering an outdoor lifestyle for its dwellers. If this interests you, you may want to check out interesting Mildura travel events and venues online to pick a suitable destination. 

2. Make A List Of The Places To Visit

Before travelling to Northwest Victoria, it’s good to have a list of the place you want to visit and the activities you want to engage in. In the case of Mildura, below are some top fun activities you can engage in: 

  • Swim in the Murray River
  • Visit nearby Mungo National Park
  • See the stunning Pink Lake in Melbourne
  • Shop along Langtree Avenue
  • Dine at select Mildura restaurants
  • Entertain your kids at Benetook Farm

Aside from that, the larger Northwest Victoria has destinations perfect for water sports, surfing and kayaking. Making a detailed list helps you pick out only the top places and activities, especially if you can’t visit every destination.

3. Prepare And Pack All The Supplies You Need

You must pack all essentials you’ll need for the entire stay. Ensure you carry the following:

  • Enough clothes
  • Personal effects like toothbrush, toiletries, soap, shoe polish and mirror
  • A few pairs of swimming suits
  • A camera to capture memories, plus extra batteries and memory cards
  • Phone charger
  • Headphones for listening to music while travelling
  • Gloves to keep off the cold

Having all these items enhances your comfort and ensures you don’t have to disrupt your travel plans every other time to go to the local stores to purchase such supplies.

4. Draft A Budget

Cost is another vital consideration when planning your vacation to Northwest Victoria. You must know how much each activity and amenity costs. List every place you’ll visit and all activities you’ll engage in and attach a cost to each. Don’t forget the meals, bus fares, entry fees to parks and more. This way, you’ll define the scope of your visit beforehand so that you don’t run short while on vacation. Remember to leave some allowance for emergency expenses.

5. Study The Weather Patterns

Knowing the typical weather patterns in Northwest Victoria around your travel months helps you know what clothes and fashion accessories you’ll carry. If you’re travelling around summer time, you’re better off with lighter outfits and sunscreen to prevent sunburn. For colder months, you should carry heavy jackets and warm clothing items. The weather will also determine the activities you’ll engage in. For example, winter isn’t favourable for swimming. 

6. Learn A Bit Of Mandarin

Most locals in Northwest Victoria speak Mandarin. Thus, you’d want to learn a bit of it to interact with the locals. Keep in mind that you don’t have to learn everything about the language. 

Having to look for a translator can spoil your experience. Knowledge of the most common words helps you engage in meaningful conversations and enjoy humorous statements without feeling lost. A quick online search should lead you to sites that teach Mandarin free or for a little fee, all from your home’s comfort.

7. Make Reservations For Flights And Accommodations

After picking a suitable holiday destination, plan how you’ll travel and where you’ll be staying. It’s good to book at a good time to avoid last minute disappointments. For peak seasons like summer, there’ll probably be many people travelling to the same holiday destination as you, so there’ll be a tight competition for accommodation. 

For this reason, you should make reservations earlier. An advantage is that you can even book a flight a month before your trip. Also, book in advance the hotels you’ll be staying in. You wouldn’t want to pick guest houses you don’t like because your preferred ones are already fully booked.


A holiday to Northwest Victoria can be more thrilling through detailed planning. Mark you, it’s not enough to make plans in your head. Write them down on your notebook for quick reference. Make checklists covering every aspect of your vacation, such as packing list, budget and activities. Such a thorough and proactive approach helps you enjoy every moment of the trip and avoid disappointments arising from lack of preparation.