IKEA: Ready or Not


IKEAIKEA: Ready or Not
ON August 29, people will actually visit IKEA Richmond for more than just cheap furniture and even cheaper hotdogs and meatballs that look like they’ve been sitting there for months.
For on that day, 3,000 facebook users will be looking to participate in a giant game of hide-and-seek inside of the giant IKEA store.
After only 10 days on facebook, the event has attracted over 7,000 invites and ongoing debate on how to infiltrate the infamous IKEA ball-pit.
Hide-and-seekers have been urged to wear a red ribbon on their clothes and arrive at the Richmond store at 12.30pm for a “huuuge game” similar to the event in Sweden which attracted a mere 150 participants.
However in true IKEA fashion, at the end of the game, one player will be missing from the group, screwing up the whole assembly. BBM wonders whether the instructions will be in Swedish?