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Jim Jim Falls with Adventure Tours Australia

Adventure Tours Australia gives travellers the authentic Australian experience, covering almost every wilderness destination. From Kakadu to The Kimberley, The Nullabor to The West Coast – an adventure awaits you in nearly every state! In delivering these experiences Adventure Tours Australia holds a deep affinity towards the indigenous cultures of the lands they traverse. From the ‘Mala Walk’ in Uluru to learning to live off the land in Arnhem Land, each and every tour is delivered to inspire you with an appreciation for one of the world’s oldest living cultures.

Northern Territory: East Arnhem Land

Adventure Tours Australia offer you a rare experience to meet with the traditional owners of Arnhem Land where you can immerse yourself in traditional songs and stories of their people. With exclusive access to the most remote reaches of Northern Australia, you can also take part in traditional hunting, fishing and gathering off the land.

Northern Territory: Katherine

Twenty three million years in the making, a cruise down Katherine River with Adventure Tours Australia gives you a profound sense of the region’s’ expansive history. Become immersed in the old-age customs of the Jawoyn and Dagoman people, the original inhabitants of this area. Experience local artist, Manuel, demonstrate the wisdoms of his culture through showing the traditional painting process, boomerang throwing, and fire lighting.

Darwin to Kakadu: Wulna Country

Let Adventure Tours Australia take you on a journey through Wulna Country. Learn of the scared homeland of the Limilngan–Wulna people through a range of interactive experiences. Experience the sounds of the didgeridoo, understand aspects of sourcing food through spear throwing demonstrations and pick up outback survival tips on a guided bush tucker tour.

The Red Centre: Uluru

Gain a deeper understanding of the region through stories of the Mutitjulu community and the Rock’s traditional owners, the Anangu people. Every Adventure Tour through the Red Centre includes the ‘Mala Walk’ delivered in partnership with Uluru Aboriginal Tours, thus a valuable contribution is made to the sustainability of the indigenous communities that reside here.

South-Western Australia

Let Adventure Tours Australia introduce you to cultural custodian, local Wadandi man, Josh Whiteland (Koomai). Josh will show you how to identify native bush food and medicine, demonstrate the traditional art of fire lighting and tool making, and treat you to a didgeridoo performance in Ngilgi Cave.
With a great respect, deep understanding and sensitivity towards the heritage and traditions of Australia’s Indigenous people Adventure Tours Australia guarantee to deliver every traveller and unique and culturally immersive experience.
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