Jody Wisternoff Interview 2014

Jody Wisternoff Interview

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Ahead of his three tour dates coming up in April, we speak to the legendary musical whiz kid Jody Wisternoff. He’s been creating amazing beats with his partner in crime, Nick Warren, for a fair few years, and together they created Way Out West. As they plan to head out to one of the hottest parties of the year, Jody and Nick will be rocking the decks at Soap Box events, Starship boat party, so we caught up with the man himself to find out more about what’s in the pipeline for 2014.

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Hi Jody, how are you?
Very well thanks, just returned from a little family holiday over the weekend so all kiddied out [Laughs]

What have you been up to recently?
Been spending a lot of time in the studio over the last few months. The start of the year is always quiet as far as touring goes, so it’s the perfect opportunity to crack on with the tunes. Alongside my solo stuff, the new Way Out West album with Nick is definitely taking shape. Also been working on the Anjunadeep06 compilation which we intend to have out for the summer.

Sounds cool, we can’t wait to hear all the new material. You return to Australia in April for three dates; what is it about Oz that keeps you coming back?
It is simply one of the finest parts of the world and is an absolute pleasure to be asked each year to come back. The crowd enthusiasm is second to none; you guys really like to get loose!

You have over 20 years of experience under your belt; how have your sets and style changed over those years?
I suppose I’ve just evolved with the times really. Although never consciously following trends, I’d like to think that I am flirting with the cutting edge. One thing I do notice is that BPMS have been steadily dropping over the years. Maybe it is time to speed it up again!

Will you have time to have a bit of a break whilst in Oz, or will it be straight in and out and get the job done?
Unfortunately not at all. Land Thursday, gig Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fly home Monday. BOSH!

The 12th April is a particularly special gig with yourself and your Way Out West partner Nick Warren taking to a boat party; what’s planned for the event? Will you be playing back to back?
Thanks, yeah I really can’t wait as I reckon it’s gonna have a great vibe! Definitely gonna bust some back to back action, although probably not for the whole day, as it’s good to get into your own flow too.

Now originally, you were a member of Sub-Love alongside DJ Die; what was it like on the rave scene back then, and would you say you have brought any of that Sub-Love along with you to 2014?
Sub-Love was just me and Die, and at times also Tim Moore who has recently been recording under the name Discreet Unit. The rave scene was something we were lucky enough to experience in the prime of our youth, and nothing has matched the impact of this movement since. I draw inspiration from these early days pretty much constantly.

Whilst on the point of Way Out West, how did yourself and Nick come to launch Way Out West?
We were working sporadically together under a bunch of names including Echo and Subversion 3, and every remix we did we would also include a Way Out West Dub. At a certain point we realised that our studio chemistry was strong enough to exclusively join forces, so we committed to the project and ran with the W.O.W name.

How would you say Way Out West has morphed and changed since its inception?
Generally just moving with the changing times I suppose, although we have always based our stuff on melody and emotion. Whilst the beats and grooves may change over the years, we have tried to keep constant with the music vibe, which is quite a worldly and layered sound. We’ve always liked the concept of audio collage, which is largely based on sampling/crate digging, and even to this day we love to work like this.

Do you get to play the same gigs regularly? What’s your relationship like?
No, unfortunately very rarely. Our relationship is solid, maybe after all these years because we give each other space to breath and explore solo options.

What’s the most unique venue you’ve played?
A plane!

Despite the British weather being uninspiring of late, how are you looking forward to the summer months? What’s in the pipeline? Will you be doing the Ibiza or Croatia circuit?
It’s always summer somewhere on the planet [laughs]. Hopefully a few nice outdoor parties, Russia in the summer can be amazing and obviously the UK has incredible things going on. [I] may play a few parties in Ibiza although I tend to usually travel to more obscure destinations.

There are so many Dance festivals popping up in Croatia, have you had a chance to get over there? Why do you think it’s become so popular?
I’ve only played in Croatia once before years ago, and I remember it being very beautiful which is probably why it has become so popular.

Even though you’ve been in the business for such a long time, you only released your debut album, ‘Trails We Blaze’ in 2012; will we have to wait as long for the follow up?
If you include the four W.O.W albums, that’s an album every four years, which is pretty good going taking into account the amount of time spent doing the DJ stuff/touring. As for a follow up to ‘Trails’, the W.O.W album is taking priority right now, but I’m sure I will find the time in the future.

Who’s caught your ear since the beginning of the year?
Bodhi, My Nu Leng, Eelke Kleijn’s new stuff, [and] Lorca to name just a few! So much talent out there…

Although a lot of people look up to you in the DJ-ing world, who do you/or have you found to be your music hero?
Thanks! I’ve always admired the Chemical Brothers for their mastery of the synth, and more recently and for the same reason Simian Mobile Disco.

Thanks, Jody and we look forward to seeing you in Oz!
My pleasure guys, big thanks and see you soon.

Jody Wisternoff Tour Dates
Friday 11th April – Geisha, Perth, WA
Saturday 12th April – The Starship Boat party with Nick Warren, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 13th April – Brisbane, QLD

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