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    Kangaroo Island Adventure Tour

    Get Your Pulse Racing On a Kangaroo Island adventure tour.

    Looking for an exciting getaway this winter? Kangaroo Island’s got a few adventurous reasons to make the journey…

    South Australia’s little gem, Kangaroo Island, situated just off the coast of Adelaide, is a playground for locals and travellers who wish to escape the mainland life and explore its diverse wildlife and nature reserves. Whilst the stunning landscapes and beaches are a big drawing point drawcard for visiting to the island, the adventure activities on offer are some of the most fun you can have anywhere in the country!

    summer on kangaroo island

    Visit Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island

    Adrenaline junkies are well entertained by Little Sahara, where you can sandboard down the epic sand dunes on a desert adventure. If you don’t feel you’re quite up to the challenge of surfing down the dunes, you can speed down them on a toboggan, which is just as much fun as standing up – but with the comfort of sitting down.

    We keep the blood pumping at Vivonne Bay with mountain bike rides over bumpy terrain – it’s even possible to cycle around the entire 540 km of Kangaroo Island’s coastline, so why not go exploring if you think you’re up to the challenge.

    For those who wish to explore the island on four wheels, hop on a quad bike and get your engine revving for some off-road mayhem! Go where the mountain bikes cannot as you traverse over sand dunes, along tall cliffs, through woodland forests, wetlands and empty beaches and wetlands as you explore the wilder side of the island.

    people standing on remarkable rocks kangaroo island

    The Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, South Australia

    If hitting the water is more your thing then kayaking down the Harriet River is a great way to get some exercise, see some wildlife and take a dip all at the same time. Doing this five km kayaking adventure in a single or double kayak is a really fun and relaxing activity for those wishing to experience the cool, tranquil river water.

    Bushwalking and hiking on Kangaroo Island is a good way to see the island at a more leisurely pace. There are five ‘official’ trails to hike on, ranging from 7 – 20km; but armed with a map, a compass and some experience, there’s an infinite amount of trekking to be done on the island.

    summer on kangaroo island

    Kayaking on Kangaroo Island

    Finally, there’s the option of simply cooling off on one of the many empty beaches that litter the island’s coastline. Take to the surf, sit in the sun or snorkel amongst the fishesjust take a blissful walk along on what will feel like your own private beach.

    Staying at the Vivonne Bay Lodge, a classic Outback ranch with the choice of private rooms or shared accommodation, presents you’ll have the perfect opportunity to take in the 206 hectares of bushland with 1 km of beach frontage that surround it. Here you’ll find wildlife and fauna giving guests an authentic outback experience. The Lodge also features free use of bikes, sandboards and kayaks, meaning you are free to explore the 10km of signposted biking and walking trails on their property – a great way to burn off the huge BBQ you can indulge yourself with.

    To find out more or take advantage of Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours’ mid-year special, combining two days all-inclusive for just $399 per person. Book at

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