a microphone in a sydney karaoke bar

The Best Sydney Karaoke Bars

a microphone in a sydney karaoke bar

Hands up who likes to sing! Well karaoke bars are the place to do it,  whether it is your own private booth with friends, which is the Asian style karaoke or up on stage embarrassing yourself in front of the whole bar Sydney has it. Sydney Karaoke bars offer a a great alternative to just simply drinking the night away in a bar.
There are a number of Sydney bars that have Karaoke in the CBD especially around China Town and Liverpool Street near central station.
Sydney karaoke bars extend to the world famous Oxford Street, the entertainment is top drawer, this gay and colourful district is now legendry. From Oxford Street, goon to the steamy night clubs of Kings Cross these are only a ten minute walk from Oxford Street. There is entertainment galore here from seedy strip shows, full body messages and more, definitely worth a visit.
If you are north of the harbour bridge, Sydney karaoke bars are scarce, but you can find one or two, we recommend the CBD, Oxford St, Liverpool St. or Kings Cross as the best areas to spend your evening if you wish to visit Sydney’s best karaoke bars. The cab fares between these districts are no more than $10 to $15. There is a good bus service connecting these areas, you can go from the City to Kings Cross by train in less than five minutes. Simply walk from to centre of Sydney to any of these areas does not
take to long, Oxford street is about ten minutes and Kings Cross is no more that 25 minutes away.
One thing’s for sure Sydney Karaoke bars certainly are not lacking in variety with a diverse collection from bars with an audience to your own private singing rooms in the Karaoke bars in Sydney offer in every part of town, check out The BBM pub, bar, nightclubs, karaoke bars and club guide and you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re in the mood for.




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