Key requirements for IT professionals – Australia

Key requirements for IT professionals - Australia

Key requirements for IT professionals – Australia

A great resume is the key for success as it is a marketing document promoting you, and your first point of contact between you and your next potential employer. Hence writing a resume is a skill mostly needed than you think.
Before you start writing your resume there are few things you have to consider regardless of the position:
What industry are you applying for: for example; knowing what skills Australian companies looking for in IT industry could help you highlight the relevant skills.
Structure & Layout: The resume should be easy to read and deliver exactly what employers looking for. Font style should be easy to read like 11 point, Times New Roman or Arial
Do not include: In order to make employment fair in a multicultural culture, there are certain things Australians do not include in a resume, such as age, religion, marriage status and number of children.
Avoid using cluttered or complicated layouts with headers, footers, tables or other items that may not look right when viewed on different computers with varying software versions.
When focusing on writing a resume for a post in IT field, technical skills section plays an important role. Being equipped with industry standard knowledge is the key to landing a good job opportunity. Constantly search for other job postings and look for skills required for the position you are aiming is the best way to keep up with the current job market.

IT professionals – Australia: Some of the basic requirements out there:

Coding: One of the basic skill sets an employer will look for in an IT professional is the ability to write code. Knowledge of and experience with multiple programming languages and digital multimedia software is seen by employers as critical requirements.
Mobile technology: With current growing interest of mobile technology, highlighting your ability to deliver responsive websites and mobile apps can highlight you from the rest.
Education Qualifications: Most employers will expect you have to have a relevant computing qualification or degree, however there are companies that run trainee programmes for those with AS levels.
Communication: It’s a commonly belief in the industry that IT professionals can exist comfortably as introverts. Although, IT professionals often required to work in teams/groups, where communication and sharing knowledge is vital and often having to present ideas to lager groups of people. Generally, employers are searching for IT professionals with strong leadership communication skills.
Time Management: An IT professional should be able to accurately assess how long a project should take, and be self-directed to stick to the time line and deliver work in time.

It’s essential that you stay up to date with the fast paced IT industry as new developments and new software are always appearing. The requirements change with the industry transformation, many organisations may offer a training programme to keep you updates on the latest movements within the industry, particularly relating to the business’ requirements and resources.
Although it is up to you to learn from the seniors or resources available on the internet and be up to date with all the latest advances and changes.

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