La Tomatina Tour Package Deals

La Tomatina takes place just outside of Valencia and is the largest food fight on the planet. Every year approximately 22,000 tomato enthusiasts turn up for the biggest tomato fight in the world. At 11am on the last Wednesday of August, after locals try to claim the ham from the greased pole, Tomatina has begun! The masses congregate in a tiny street and launch into a one hour frenzy of tomato throwing – it’s everyone for themselves.

First Festival Travel is also proud to offer the Wine and Water festival the night prior to La Tomatina; an exclusive invite to celebrate the grape harvest with the locals of Requena. And it is exactly as the name suggests! With a bull arena, music competition and street parade, it’s an unforgettable night.

BBM readers also get an exclusive 10% off any La Tomatina package when booking with FFT, and with a 3 day hotel package at just £170 it’s great value.

La Tomatina Deals First Festival Travel

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having fun at la tomatina