Lianne La Havas Interview

Lianna La Have Sydney and Melbourne show

She burst on to the scene a few years ago with her incredible voice and quirky songs, and still rolling strong, we speak to Lianne La Havas whilst she tours her sophomore album, ‘Blood’ alongside supporting Coldplay.

Hi Lianne, how are you? Where are you right now?
HEY! I’m in Zurich getting ready for a solo show I’m playing tonight. Listening to some 90’s bangers with my tour manager Jim and one of my managers Lucy. Gabrielle and Des’ree and we are all singing along.

Good, so the classics! So, You’re still touring ‘Blood’ which has done really well. Are you working on a new album?
I am! Watch this space new music coming soon, I am writing gradually every day.

My favourite track on that album is ‘Never Get Enough’ – what was the story behind this track?
I felt that track was a sort of genre defining song for me, it’s about combining something subtle and floaty sounding with something harsh and abrasive texturally. I like the textures. It’s a story of a break up and then subsequent reuniting of a relationship with an ex-partner.

What’s it been like touring with Coldplay? Any funny antics from the UK tour you can tell us about?
It’s all a blur, we rode around on fold up bikes because the stadiums were so massive, also getting to know Coldplay has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone is so nice!

Your career has taken you to some amazing destinations and you’ll be headed to Australia this December supporting Coldplay. What are you hoping to get up to whilst visiting Oz?
See more of the cities I’m visiting and make a significant impression on the Australian public. Maybe get a tan!

Where’s your favourite city in Oz?
Sydney, although I like Melbourne a lot too. Just spent more time in Sydney in the past.

Being from South London, where would you say is the best night out in town these days?
Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston for some live music and a cocktail.

What three things can you not live without whilst touring?
Exfoliating gloves, bananas, my nylon string guitar.

When you’re not jetting around on tours, where would you say is your most ideal holiday location?
If I’m not at home in London I love a hot beach where I can do nothing. Beaches in Jamaica where my mother’s family are from and Tulum in Mexico are pretty great. Brazil is next on my list!

What activity do you always like to try and do when you’re on tour?
Depends where I am touring but love to see cultural landmarks and get a jog in.

Your voice and song-writing abilities are incredible, who would you say’s been a great inspiration to you, musically?
Ella Fitzgerald, Emily Remler, Lauryn Hill, to name but a few.

What process do you go through when writing new material?
A long arduous one! Ha. I like to live a bit of life and see what comes out at the end of it.

You play guitar, but do you play any other instruments?
Piano & bass guitar.

What would you say is the most surprising thing people could hope to learn about you?
I love to cook.


Jogging or swimming? Jogging
Mountains or beaches? Beaches
Chicken or fish? Neither I am vegan.
Sting or Bob Marley? Bob
Comedy or thriller? Comedy
Caribbean or Greek food? Couldn’t call it so I’m saying both.
Cat or dog? Cat
Jazz bar or rave? Rave

Thanks so much for your time and good luck with the tour!


Thursday 8th December – Howler, Melbourne
Monday 12th December – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney


Tuesday 6th December – Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Friday 9th December – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
Saturday 10th December – Eithad Stadium, Melbourne
Tuesday 13th December – Allianz Stadium, Sydney
Wednesday 14th December – Allianz Stadium, Sydney

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By Hannah Shakir