Miami Horror's Ben Plant

Miami Horror’s Ben Plant

You’ve heard his music for the past three years, but 2010 is the first time that all his tunes have been collated into one solid studio album, Illumination, introducing Miami Horror’s Ben Plant. Spending a sunny afternoon in Bondi Beach producing musical musings, BBM put in a call to discuss the ins and outs of Illumination, and find out what’s in the bag this summer for Australia’s Miami Horror. Answering the phone in the most layed back heeey we’ve ever heard, we feel a bit bad for disturbing Ben, but nonetheless we proceed to interrogate him for the sake of our readers.

Hey, how are you?
Pretty good
So your new single Holiday is out, what’s the response been like to that?
I think it’s going really well, actually…I wasn’t totally sold on it, like I wasn’t totally sure it would go too well, but from what we’ve been seeing like, live shows and stuff, it’s definitely a song that people are really reacting to now that they know it, so yeah I think it’s really happening. It’s only just started kind of getting out there, so it’s got a few more months left in it to spread.
And you used Alan Palomo for it, how did that come about?
Well we’ve been friends for a long time, so it kind of just worked naturally to eventually make a song together – or a few songs together – he at the time hadn’t had his album out yet. So he was just finishing up with that, and it kind of all worked in our favour as he got quite big.
You recently went on tour in the U.S and South America, how was it?
Pretty amazing, we’d never toured live before and the reaction was pretty good – there were 200-to-500 people at every show, but in San Tiago there was this crazy big show and we played to 1500 and they were all knew us pretty well.
So what have you got lined up over the summer season over in Australia?
Erm…we’re doing Summerdays, and we’re doing a few randoms, and some regional festivals – and that’s really all, then we head back overseas to Europe and the U.S, and then hopefully come back and do a proper big, large scale tour in April.
So have you got plans to go over to the UK whilst you’re over there?
Yeah – we haven’t got any planned gigs as yet, but its weird because we’ve already got a presence happening in the U.S, and the same in the other European countries, we just got signed with every country in Europe – except the UK – and the UK gigs are offering like £300 – but it costs us like £1500 to do the show – so it’s a strange point there – and its obviously hard to make it in the UK – so we’re kind of waiting for some attention – or getting some radio play before we push too hard there.
So your album Illumination has featured quite a few artists from Australia, what was it that attracted you to using Kimbra and Tim Derricourt?
Yeah they both worked on Echoplex, he wrote the lyrics and she sung them. Kimbra was Josh’s girlfriend and we were looking for someone to do the track, but we didn’t think she would be right – she really sings passionately and we wanted it to be a bit more dreamy, but we worked with her and balanced it out, and Kimbra was recommended by my manager
It’s obviously taken you a long time to put an album out, what did you want to get across with Illuminations?
I guess we wanted to make something that had a variety of feeling and a journey, every song relates to each other. There’s a lot of similar themes in certain songs, and some of them serious but they all vary but they all work together, and essentially make some sort of soundtrack for everyone’s life – you know to go with their experiences. It’s a hard thing to explain actually it just comes naturally and you don’t really think about it too much.

So what’s it been like going from working on your own o forming a whole live band?
Well Josh and Dan had collaborated on certain tracks and written the lyrics on some, so that was the natural progression to really make the live show, and then once we started doing that we realised we should actually change the sound and music to match that – their influence came in on the album and making it more playable live.
And have you started thinking about a follow up album?
No, erm, it will probably be a few years , I won’t start it til the end of next year. We’re going to make some other music in between, so we’ll see what happens with that – but probably under a different name , before I’m ready to make another Miami Horror album I’d like to get some time to think about what direction…

Miami Horror’s Holiday is out now.