Migration agent Australia work visa scams warning

Work visa scams in Australia

Don’t pay the price of ignorance.

Source https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work-1
On 14 December 2015, new criminal and civil penalties and visa cancellation provisions were introduced. These are part of a ‘payment for visas’ framework that allows for sanctions to be imposed on a person who asks for, receives, offers or provides a benefit in return for visa sponsorship or employment (that requires visa sponsorship).
‘Payment for visas’ conduct is considered unacceptable by the Australian Government.. Australia.
It is not acceptable for sponsors, nominators, employers or other third parties to make a personal gain from their position in a ‘payment for visas’ arrangement.
It not acceptable for current or prospective visa holders to obtain permanent residence in Australia, or have the opportunity to work in Australia by providing a benefit to an employer for a job.
To further strengthen this framework, sponsors, nominators and visa applicants will be required to, as part of the application process, state whether or not they have actively participated in conduct that contravenes the new ‘payment for visas’ laws.
The aim is to allow genuine skills shortages to be filled and not to allow foreigners to come to Australia and take jobs that Australian can do.

Victim story fake web site

Mei was looking at a social networking website and noticed an advertisement for a visa to Australia. The contact details were Australian, so Mei believed the site was legitimate. After registering with the website, Mei received a call from someone in the company. The caller advised Mei she had been assessed eligible for a visa and all she needed to do was pay a fee. The caller was very convincing and Mei paid a fee of AUD600. Mei never heard from the company again. When she tried to follow up on her visa application and get her money back, she discovered the address and phone numbers listed on the website were false.
There are many other such stories, so make sure you use a registered migration agent these range from marriage and or partner scams, out right bad advice.
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