Money Saving Tips For Moving Within Australia

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Whether you moved to Australia for the adventure, the work or quality of life, the one issue that remains a constant is one of money. Before moving to Australia, you will have planned your budget to ensure a smooth transition, setting up a bank account and so on. Now you’re here, what else can you do to keep on top of your finances? Here are a few tips courtesy of Seven Seas Worldwide, one of the most popular relocation companies in both the UK and Australia. Trust us, we’ve been in the shipping business for over twenty years; we know a thing or two about making a success of moving abroad.

Before moving to Australia, we have always suggested selling big furniture items such as beds, wardrobes and sofas, and buying new items at your final destination – it’s easier, cheaper and provides you with a healthier bank balance upon arrival which is always welcome. For those now living in Australia we suggest continuing this trend – perhaps challenge yourself to sell a household item, ornament or article of clothing a week to amass a nice tidy sum by the end of each month.

Another method of keeping the splurging down is to use cash. It’s all too easy to flash the card in every shop you visit and lose track of just how much is in your account. By getting cash out of the trusty machine and spending it wisely, you’ll find you won’t be quite as lavish with the dough. Oh and never use a cash machine that charges – it’s a waste of money; walk a bit further and find a free one. Every little helps after all.

If you’re a young whippersnapper travelling through Australia for a year of adventure and thrills, here’s a newsflash for you – you still need to think about your finances. You’re never too young to save; in fact in these economically troubling times, it’s essential, so start putting money into a savings account as soon as you can. And don’t dip into it. It’s not for dipping.

Finally if you have money worries AND buy bottled water then there’s no helping you. Bottled water is an absurdity that we as rational human beings are only now just coming round to ditching. Walk the streets of any metropolitan city these days and you’ll see members of the public stare at their bottles of water with utter incredulity. And naturally the same goes for alcohol and cigarettes; if you can reduce the amount you consume each week or cut it out altogether, you’ll notice a slow but notable change in your bank balance.

For more money-saving advice and general guidance for the UK expat, check out the Seven Seas Worldwide website. We know what’s required for the next chapter abroad.

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