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When it comes to movies Newtown Sydney, Newtown offers an eclectic and vibrant cinema scene. This inner-city suburb is known for its unique blend of culture and entertainment. For movie enthusiasts, the cinemas in Newtown Sydney provide a diverse range of films and exceptional experiences.

Dendy Newtown

One of the standout venues for movies in Newtown Sydney is the Dendy Newtown. Located at 261-263 King Street, this cinema is renowned for its curated selection of independent, foreign, and arthouse films. The modern facilities and comfortable seating make it a top choice for cinephiles. Check out their current listings and book tickets here.

Newtown Palace Cinemas

Another iconic spot for cinema movies in Newtown Sydney is the Newtown Palace Cinemas. Situated at 99 King Street, this theater offers a mix of mainstream and independent films in a stylish, art-deco setting. The luxurious interiors and advanced sound systems enhance the movie-watching experience. Discover more about their screenings here.


The Vanguard

For those who enjoy a more community-focused cinema, The Vanguard is a hidden gem. This venue, located at 42 King Street, combines live music, dining, and movies. It offers a unique experience with film screenings that often feature Q&A sessions with filmmakers. Find out more and book tickets here.


What makes Newtown Sydney special for cinemas?

What makes these cinemas special is their distinctive approach to movie-watching. Dendy Newtown excels in presenting niche films with a global perspective. Newtown Palace Cinemas blends luxury with a diverse film selection. The Vanguard provides an intimate setting that fosters a sense of community.

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Indicative Cinema Ticket Prices in Newtown, Sydney

Dendy Newtown

  • Standard Adult Ticket: $24
  • Concession Ticket: $20
  • Child Ticket: $16
  • Senior Ticket: $15
  • Student Ticket: $18

Discounts and Special Offers:

  • Club Dendy Membership: Discounted tickets at $12.50 for standard sessions and $18 for Dendy Lounge sessions.
  • Member Mondays: Special offers all day and night for Club Dendy members.
  • $10 Student Tickets: Available all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Budget Tuesdays: Reduced ticket prices for everyone.
  • $9 Senior Wednesdays: Special discount for seniors.
  • Reel Bubs: Special sessions for parents and babies.
  • Family Saver: Discounts for families on selected films.

For the most accurate and up-to-date prices, please visit Dendy Newtown’s official website (Dendy Cinemas)​​ (Dendy Cinemas)

In conclusion

Movies in Newtown Sydney are more than just entertainment; they are a cultural experience. Each cinema offers something unique, reflecting the eclectic spirit of Newtown. Whether you’re into indie films, blockbusters, or interactive screenings, the cinemas in Newtown Sydney cater to all tastes. So, next time you’re in the area, immerse yourself in the exceptional cinematic offerings.

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