MULTI-award winning electro-dance sensation NAPT, AKA Ashley Pope and Tomek Naden, are heading back Down Under for another tour of Australia and New Zealand. BBM’s DEBORAH JACKSONnapt2 caught up with them…

GRAB your glow sticks, pull out your party pants and make sure you’re ready to dance the night away.

NAPT are back in the country and they’ve got a clutch of new titles under their belt. Earlier this year, they dominated the Breakspoll awards taking out the Best Producer and Best Track categories, a repeat of their Best Producer and Best Track wins in 2009, making them the first group in Breakspoll history to take out the same two categories in successive years.

“That was really great,” says Ashley. “I mean we’d been working really hard the last three years and it was obviously really, really nice to win it the first time around. The second time around it just cemented our hard work and everything we’d been doing over the last few years.”

There’s only one word that describes their unique sound. “We term it Nfunk,” says Ashley. “We felt that there was a lot of different styles of music out there and nothing quite hit the bullet when describing our music, so we invented this term called Nfunk. I guess it’s like a combination of electro, house, breaks, a bit of sampling, melody basslines and it’s kind of all in one big pot.

“We started it about a year ago. It was four parts. The first part had a track called

Gotta Have More Cowbell.

Unfortunately, we will only be seeing Tomek taking to the Australian stage this time around, as Ashley is expecting a baby back in London. That is not to say the show will be any less spectacular.

“Some nights you play smaller venues and you have a really good vibe, some nights you play massive venues and you have a really good vibe, you play festivals and you have a really good vibe. It all depends on how you’re feeling and I guess the crowd response,” says Ashley about his most memorable performance.

Tomek adds: “We were in Australia for the festive period at the end of last year, we had some really good fun shows there. Sydney we did; that was really good. We did the Breaksfest out there in Perth that was really great. Fabric here in London is always a really great show; we played in the Olympic Stadium in Spain last week to about 3000 people, that was really great.”

So what we can expect next from the guys? “We’ve got a new series of singles that are going to be coming out very soon with some really big remixes, so that is something we’re really quite excited about.

“We’ve been working with quite a few big [name] vocalists so we’re gonna really set some time aside to do these really big projects. And then we’ve got some more remixes coming up that we’re really excited about … [I] can’t say [who it is] at the moment but hopefully they should be coming out towards the back-end of the year with some really well-known people.”

The guys wouldn’t let BBM in on the details of their new tracks.

“If we say it now we will definitely jinx it and bad things will happen.”

NAPT Australian tour dates: Friday 23rd July: MELBOURNE, Brown Alley – Against The Grain 2nd Birthday; Saturday 24th July: PERTH, Villa Nightclub – Major Break 7; Friday 30th July: SYDNEY, 202 Broadway – Destination? Sydney.