Nature Escape

thai elephant ride

Thailand : Nature Escape

There’s a lot more to Thailand than beautiful beaches – it’s full of opportunities to enjoy nature at her breathtaking best.thai elephant ride

Stunning mountains, forests, jungles, rivers and waterfalls are all surprisingly accessible, even in the remote hill country of the north. In Chiang Mai, teak forests, jungle-covered peaks and secret valleys are still home to semi-nomadic and independent hill tribes. And it’s here you can ride elephants through the jungle, go bamboo rafting down winding rivers or trek through beautiful mountains.

Thailand has over 48 national parks, spread throughout the land. Most famous is the magnificent Khao Yai National Park, northeast of Bangkok – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the most luscious greenery in the Kingdom. Here, bears, tigers, elephants, monkeys, deer, birds and butterflies are just some of the protected species.

If you take time to look and get off the beaten track, you’ll find some truly special places.