New Sponsorship: Compliance Measures From 1 July 2024


Starting 1 July 2024, Australia will implement new sponsorship compliance measures to enhance its immigration and temporary work visa systems. These measures aim to ensure a transparent, fair process aligned with Australia’s employment and social policies.

Key Components of the New Compliance Measures

  1. Enhanced Scrutiny of New Sponsorship Applications

Sponsors must show a genuine need for the role filled by a foreign worker. Here, they must prove efforts were made to recruit local talent before seeking international candidates. This prioritizes employment for Australian residents and citizens.

  1. Rigorous Monitoring and Reporting

Sponsors will face increased monitoring to ensure compliance with employment laws and visa conditions. Regular reports on sponsored workers’ employment conditions will be required. This protects foreign workers from exploitation and ensures fair treatment.

  1. Strict Vetting of Sponsors

Businesses applying to sponsor workers will undergo a stringent vetting process. Companies with a history of non-compliance will be barred from sponsoring new workers. This prevents abuse of the sponsorship system and maintains high standards.

  1. Protection of Sponsored Workers

New measures emphasize protecting temporary visa holders’ rights. There will be more frequent inspections of workplaces employing sponsored workers. Mechanisms will be in place for workers to report mistreatment safely.

  1. Penalties for Non-Compliance:

Non-compliance can result in severe penalties for sponsors, including substantial fines and disqualification from future sponsorship opportunities. Stringent enforcement deters non-compliance and encourages adherence to the regulations.

New Sponsorship: Objectives and Impact

The new sponsorship compliance measures reflect Australia’s commitment to a balanced immigration system. By tightening the rules, the government aims to:

  • To ensure foreign worker sponsorships are appropriate and ethical.
  • Protect local workers from unfair competition.
  • Safeguard the rights and well-being of temporary visa holders.
  • Enhance the overall integrity of the immigration system.

These measures support a fair framework for employing foreign workers. They align immigration policies with national labor market needs and ethical standards.