5 Wonderful Things to do in Sydney Australia

5 Wonderful Things to do in Sydney Australia

Wonderful Things to do in Sydney

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Thunder Thrill Ride

Sydney’s – True Crime Tour

iFLY Basic – Agency Sydney

Private Highlights & Hidden Gems Sydney City Tour

South American BBQ – Centennial Park, Sydney

Beer and Smoke BBQ Cooking Class – Centennial Park, Sydney

5 Wonderful Things to do in Sydney Australia Today

Everyone loves the stunning attractions and breathtaking beaches in Sydney. It’s a must-visit destination that will leave you speechless. From the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to the stunning Opera House, this city is an absolute dream! But wait, there’s more! Sydney is constantly evolving and becoming more fabulous each year.

Museum-Hopping in Sydney

Experience Wonderful Things to do in Sydney Australia; The Australian Museum has a great natural history collection – get up close with all of Australia’s scariest nasties but without the whole risk-of-death thing. The Powerhouse Museum has a focus on science, design, innovation and technology, and the fun exhibits range from steam-engines to life in the 80s, to an awesome dancing robot that will fight for its right to party.

Visit Western Australia

Garigal National Park in Sydney

Garigal is a protected national park in the North Shore region of Sydney. Only 20km from the CBD, it’s a gorgeous oasis just a short trip away from the hustle and bustle, and it’s a popular weekend getaway for locals. The national park is huge, at 2202 hectares, and the park trails are very popular with walkers, hikers and cyclists; the Cascades are particularly lovely.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney

Taronga Zoo is a short ferry away from Sydney’s city centre, but it feels like a different world. This well-kept zoo is home to a diverse range of animals and is passionate about conservation, sustainability and public education. There’s also a sky-high ropes adventure course, offering gorgeous views of Sydney Harbour. It’s quite a large zoo, but the zoo train and the Sky Safari will help you get around in comfort.

Spooky Ghost Tour

Another side of Sydney that people don’t often come into contact with (literally or figuratively!), a ghost tour is a great way to learn about the spooky bits of Sydney, which was originally founded as a convict colony. One of these tours is of Quarantine Station, a location which was used to isolate people believed to be carrying contagious diseases.

It is believed to be one of Australia’s most haunted sites, and tour options include an “extreme ghost tour” working with real paranormal investigators.

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Wonderful Things to do in Sydney: Sydney Fish Market

Australia is known for its delicious seafood, and the Sydney Fish Market is a great place to find exceptional quality. As well as a delight for your taste buds, it’s also got a great atmosphere, and behind-the-scenes tours are available. There are several cafes and restaurants onsite, as well as a sushi bar and a Chinese seafood restaurant specializing in yum cha.

Go Kayaking in the Pittwater

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