Backpacker Jobs in Darwin Australia

Backpacker Jobs in Darwin Australia

Find Backpacker Jobs in Darwin Australia

A working holiday in the Northern Territory of Australia gives you the opportunity to experience a lifestyle that’s very different from the rest of the country and the world.  Further, the Northern Territory’s status as a regional destination makes it easier to apply for a second working holiday visa for another 12 months.  Try the following jobs at Darwin while you are backpacking through the region;

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Farm Jobs

  1. Mechanical Jobs

Backpackers from farming backgrounds with mechanical skills and experience to carry out quick repairs and maintenance on farm machinery including tractors, fruit pickers, small engines and pumps stand a good chance to secure mechanical jobs on the fruit farms of Darwin.  

  1. Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit picking jobs are seasonal and the pickers are high in demand from September to November.  Backpackers who do not possess any job-related qualifications, but can withstand the hard conditions of an outdoor job in the Northern Territory can try fruit picking jobs.  

Restaurant / Pub Jobs

  1. Food & Beverage Attendants

Backpackers with a la carte table service and basic skills of serving food & beverage at restaurants can easily secure jobs in the ever-in-demand hospitality trade of the Northern Territory, especially Darwin.  Subsidized or free staff lodgings can be an attractive benefit of such jobs.

  1. Bartenders 

Bartenders who can handle jobs such as waiting tables, delivering food/drinks and cleaning the pub can easily find short term jobs in Darwin.  This job will suit their travel itinerary in the Northern Territory as well as earn AUS $ 20 – 25 per hour.

Holiday Resort Jobs

  1. Demi Chefs/Commis Chefs

Backpackers who have a commercial cookery qualification, previous experience post apprenticeship, as well as knowledge of WHS/OSH and food safety policies and procedures, can join as demi chefs at holiday resorts for a short period of time.  A competitive salary along with other perks such as heavily subsidized meals and accommodation, free tours and cruises of the resort are the benefits.

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