Backpacker Tours to Uluru

Backpacker Tours to Uluru

Backpacker Tours to Uluru Overland

Uluru National Park

Uluru National Park explains Uluru’s Aboriginal understanding as follows: The world was unformed and featureless in the beginning. For Backpackers tours, to Uluru, the most famous attraction of the park is a 348 sandstone monolith that is world-renowned for being a symbol of its indigenous culture.

Best Things to Look For On an Uluru Tour:

Here come the best things which you do to make the Uluru tour rememberable and best ever tour in your life.

Explore the Natural Wonder of Uluru

You need to experience it from the air to appreciate Australia’s vast desert landscape and Uluru’s natural wonder. Fly high above Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park to witness this iconic monolith’s amazing spectacle

Skydive Experience with Uluru is Magical

With a plane ride, you can merge the spectacular views of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and beyond with a 12,000-foot Uluru skydive jumping out of a plane.

A Place for thrill-seeker:

Would you like to try something else? Imagine seeing Uluru from the back of a late Heritage Softail Harley Davidson model for the first time. Join Uluru Motorcycle Tours Motorcycle or a 3 Wheeler Trike for a fun-filled adventure.

Learn The Interesting History and Painting of Uluru:

Join a local indigenous artist to learn about the techniques of dot painting and the various symbols depicting the stories of Tjukurpa. You will also have to create your own dot – masterpiece to take home as a souvenir of your stay. In short, a short tour to Uluru can offer the best experience to all and sundry. 

Uluru Base Walk

An alternative to climbing is the 10.6 km Uluru Base Walk around the rock, which is well marked. A self-guiding brochure is available from the cultural centre and numerous interpretive signs are displayed. While more walks in the rock’s vicinity are scheduled, Kata Tjuta has a number of excellent trails, including the three-hour Valley of the Winds circuit. 

Walpa / Olga Gorge

Enjoy a guided walk into Walpa / Olga Gorge. Marvel at the sheer walls that flank you as you enter the gorge. Learn of the domes’ formation and of the wildlife of the region. Some of the plants you’ll see here are so rare that they are only found among these rocky domes. Located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, its name means ‘meeting place’, and many Aboriginal songlines intersect here.

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