Darwin to Broome by Bus

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A 4WD off-road Bus is highly recommended for this journey from Darwin to Broome due to the tough terrains encountered.

Kimberley Region

Leaving the comfort of the city behind you head by bus for what many consider to be one of the last great expanses of rugged wilderness areas remaining in the world, the mighty Kimberley Region of Northern Western Australia.

Edith Falls

Your first stop on the Darwin to Broome by bus is Edith Falls in Katherine Gorge National Park, get off the bus and make a short walk to the upper pools brings you to the first of many beautiful waterfalls.

Hiking in Victoria River Valley

Your next stop on the Darwin to Broome by Bus is at the Victoria River Valley where there are a number of hikes you can choose from. A region surrounded by native forests, gushing streams and mountain-fed rivers and lakes so clear they reflect the stunning rock formations of the mountains surrounding them.

Wildlife at Lake Argyle

Moving onto to Lake Argyle which is a huge freshwater lake teeming with wildlife, from wallabies in the rocky shores, to freshwater crocodiles to birdlife. From your bus now you board a boat where a local guide shows you the lake.

Purnululu National Park – Bungle Bungles

From Lake Argyle, you head by bus into Kununurra. From Kununurra, you head to Purnululu National Park, more commonly known as the Bungle Bungles. Your time in this region is spent hiking and exploring the Gorges and amazing landscapes the area contains.

Cathedral Gorge

A short drive by bus from the Piccaninny car park is the trailhead for the Cathedral Gorge hike, a spectacular hike through the beehive formations to Cathedral Gorge. The gorge itself is one of the most impressive geological formations you are likely to see anywhere. The acoustics are so good that music has been played within the gorge.

Echidna Chasm

You then head off by bus for Echidna Chasm a narrow chasm. It has striking color variations, depending on the angle of the sun beaming into the chasm, with Livistonia palms waving from the 200 m high ridges above for a hike into the domes, following a creek to its source at a narrow passage buried within the Bungles.

Gibb River Road

Then you get onto a dirt track by bus, the famous Gibb River Road, a 700km long outback road which runs between Derby and Kununurra, it’s not the easiest route, the track is often rough, and a 4WD off-road bus is essential.

Rugged Cockburn Ranges

When arriving at the Pentecost River you are presented with an incredible landscape of a wide river surrounded by rugged Cockburn Ranges, a classic Kimberley scene. Another bush camp and classic Kimberley Sunset awaits at the foot of the Rugged Cockburn Ranges.

Manning Gorge

Next, you push west by bus, arriving at Manning Gorge. The gorge has a waterfall plus a deep wide swimming hole surrounded by granite cliffs & rock outcrops. The return route from Manning Gorge is a little less conventional as you swim and rock hop along the creek before reaching the main waterhole where it started.

Bell Gorge

Next stop at the Bell Gorge, another amazing waterfall to explore! You come to a beautiful Creek, which flows through the center of this impressive gorge and cascades over numerous falls.

Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek is an amazing natural phenomenon it is a 750 meter long stretch of creek, which runs underground through one of the oldest cave systems in Western Australia.

Windjana Gorge

Next, you head to Windjana Gorge, a huge gorge cut into the ranges over a millennium to reveal beautiful scenery of high vertical cliffs, sandy beaches, and meandering creek.

Boab Prison Tree & Cable Beach

From Windjana Gorge we check out the Boab Prison Tree near Derby and then make your way into Broome by bus. You arrive into Broome and head for Cable beach for a refreshing dip in the ocean. This is where your Darwin to Broome by Bus trip comes to and end.

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