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No trip to Australia is complete unless you’ve gotten up close and personal to its icon – Uluru. The star of the show when it comes to the Red Centre, Uluru is an awe inspiring sight with an incredible history and spiritual importance and to visit here is a once in a lifetime experience. But being located in one of the most remote areas of Australia, deep in the desert, actually getting there can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a ton of travel options to choose from –here are the best.

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Fly me to the moon.. make that Uluru

The Outback can look more like a moonscape than planet earth and the views you’ll get from above will give you the big picture. Situated just 6km away, flying to Ayers Rock Airport is the most efficient way of reaching Uluru and with flights flying in from all over Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, catching a flight out here is easy. Virgin Australia operates a daily service from Sydney while Jetstar offers 4 flights a week from Melbourne and 3 flights a week from Brisbane. Qantas will get you there from Cairns and also offer daily flights to Alice Springs. If you’re short on time and have a few more dollars to spare, flying is by far the quickest way of reaching Uluru. Once you arrive it’s easy to hire a car if you want to hit the road and explore, or just hop on a shuttle bus to one of the nearby resorts.
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Catch the bus

While there are no direct buses to Uluru itself, there are plenty that head up to Alice Springs from Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin. The journey takes around 5-6 hours from Alice to the rock and it’s a fantastic way of enjoying the stunning Outback scenery along the way. A great budget option for those with a little more time and a less money in the bank. It’s also a great way of meeting fellow travellers and getting the chance to chat to locals at the various stops along the way.
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A road trip to remember

If ever there was a quintessential Australian road trip, hitting the desert roads to Uluru has to top the list. Hiring a car with a bunch of mates and setting out across empty highways with epic vistas all around is highly recommended. It might take a few days (make that a minimum of 5 days if you’re coming from Sydney, or better still a week), but the chance to stop along the way at other sites, camping under the stars and taking your time is the best way to experience the beauty of the Outback without the rush. There are hundreds of car rental companies to choose from in all the major cities and larger towns around Australia. Prepare well, drive safely and enjoy the ride.

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