The Best Time to Visit Uluru / Ayers Rock

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The Best Time to Visit Uluru / Ayers Rock Northern Territory

Seasons of Australia (and Uluru/Ayers Rock) are opposite to the other countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Climate is an important factor to consider when thinking about visiting the Uluru.

The Climate of Uluru/Ayers Rock

Uluru belongs to a climate zone characterized by extremely hot summers and cold winters.  As such the region experiences a very hot climate in summer but below-freezing temperatures in winter!  The temperatures vary dramatically as there isn’t a lot of warm moist air as in the coastal regions of Australia.  The region can be described as “arid”, having a low rainfall that averages only 308mm per year.  

  • Summer in Uluru/Ayers Rock

Summer is from December to February in Australia.  January and February are the hottest months and temperature ranges from 37oc – 42oc during this period.  The summer temperature of 45oc has been recorded in the desert around Uluru.

  • Winter in Uluru/Ayers Rock

The winter season falls from June to August in Australia.  During winter the temperature ranges from 18oc – 20oc.  July is the coldest month and daily temperature can be around 5oC or drop below freezing point during this time.  Frosts occur on 50% of mornings.

  • Uluru Rainfall

Tropical cyclones are the primary influence upon the rainfall of Uluru/Ayers Rock.  The unpredictable annual rainfall averages at 308mm (12”).  It rains mostly during summer.  However, there is no rainfall at all during some years while other years have experienced widespread floods!

When is the best time to visit Uluru/Ayers Rock?

Determining when to visit Uluru depends a lot on what you want to do there;

  • If all you want to do is admire the rock and take photos of its magnificent sunrise or sunset, visit any time!  
  • If you wish to do the many walks around its base, spot wildlife, admire Aboriginal rock paintings and learn the Aboriginal culture & spirituality of the Anangu people, then the cooler months of the year just before the winter and just after the winter (May and September) are the best.   
  • If you want to take amazing photos of the mighty Uluru with its mesmerizing backdrop of the outback sky, September is the best month!

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