Uluru Tours Price Guide

Uluru Tours Price Guide

Best Uluru Tours Price Guide

Ayers Rock or Uluru

3-Day Rock Trip With Mulgas Adventure Tours 

from $419.00

3-Day Uluru Tour

Have you been dreaming of traversing the heart of the ‘Red Center’? There is mystic magic, extraordinary tales and lots of outback adventure to be had. Let us help you out with budgeting for the trip.

How Much to Budget For?

If you are solo travelling, budget for around 187 AUD per day.

Cost of Eating Out

What about food? Prepare to spend around 57 AUD on grub for a day. On average, you’ll spend around 23 AUD on breakfast, which is cheaper than lunch and dinner rates. The price you pay for a comfortable sit down meal is higher when compared to fast food and street food. It goes without saying; cooking your own meals is the cheapest option in the outback.

Cooking Your Own Meals

You’ll have to be willing to survive on barbecue sausages and bread. You’ll find basic BBQ facilities at the Ayers Rock Campground and a microwave. You may have to clean up a mess left by someone in a hurry though, if you plan on using the microwave.

Cost of Transport

Unless you are joining an Uluru Tour, you probably should have a car. Don’t expect to find an Uber waiting for you in Uluru. You can rent a car at the airport. Uluru hop on and off charge 49 AUD for a simple Uluru return ticket. But, if you really wish to explore the Northern Territory, rent a car. Failing that, buy a pass (one day 120, 2 days 160, 3 days 210 AUD) on the hop on and off bus.

Cost of Accommodation

Are you seeking a rustic adventure or a place to rest well with all your usual creature comforts? Your accommodation cost depends on your inclination. Ayers Rock Campground facilities start from 39 AUD and go on to 150 AUD depending on the amenities. For a more comfortable stay, you can book a hotel or resort for 295 AUD and upwards (say around 690 AUD). A luxurious stay will cost you somewhere around 2000 AUD.

Cost of Park Passes

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park pass costs 25 AUD and allows you to explore its 1300km proximity within three consecutive days. If you like, you can extend the pass for five days at no additional cost. Money you spend on the park pass mainly goes to conserving the park’s World Heritage sites, maintain park amenities. Some of it also goes to helping out traditional owners of this spellbinding land.

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