Adventure Tours Queenstown New Zealand – Bungy Jumping


bungyBungy Jumping at Nevis Highwire Bungy

I should be OK now. I’ve just successfully completed a 43m Bungy jump – at the historic Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown – and watched a ‘Secrets of the Bungy’ video – which runs through the history of this bungy malarky.

So why am I feeling nervous?
Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that I’m being shuttled to the Nevis Highwire Bungy.
Most travelers to the southern hemisphere will have heard of this not so little beauty. It’s a 134m high pod, positioned in the middle of a scenic river canyon. And you have to jump off it. Simple really.
Er…well maybe not.
Today it’s particularly blustery, not so much that it’s dangerous – just enough to make the pod wobble ever so slightly.
But obviously, I’m a man, not a mouse and there are women present. I cannot, will not, back down from this.
I patiently wait to be strapped into the dentist’s chair, twiddling my thumbs and nervously peering through the glass floor. We’re bloody high up – and it’s my turn next.
My legs are taped together, the Bungy chords are attached to me and, thankfully, to the ceiling of the pod.
We’re ready to go. I waddle out towards the edge, like a constipated duck. This is where the fear kicks in.
The scenery is sensational, but I’m not at all bothered about that. I’m bothered about what I have to do.
“Right, on my call Steve – 1….2….3 – jump,” says the smiling Kiwi instructor.
This is unreal. Every brain cell is telling me not to jump. It is the most unnatural feeling in the world. It is absolutely terrifying.
But, as I said, there are people watching. I have to jump. So I do. I throw myself off the edge in a swan-dive, screaming as I do, releasing all the pent-up tension inside me.
And it’s just magnificent. It’s pure exhilaration. The fear has been replaced by adrenalin, so much so that as I bounce back up, and down, and up and down again – following my 8.5-second freefall – I’m in fits of laughter.
What a sensational experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


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