Rio Carnival – A Week Of Hedonistic Mayhem

Carnival Rio

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Forget about any of the all-night street parties you’ve ever been to. None of those compare to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. There’s simply nothing else like it; it’s the most spectacularly extravagant street party on the planet, and there’s much more to it than you may think.

The main draw is of course the flotillas; hundreds of creatively designed floats, on which are the elaborately dressed dancers, who look like human sized birds of paradise with their outrageous head dresses, off which spout a rainbow of feathers. Then there’s the Samba, Brazil’s iconic music – a mix of salsa with an upbeat tempo – to really get you in the mood for dancing. The music, outfits and atmosphere make it seem like you’re in a dream or some crazy acid trip.

However, the real heart of the Carnival is partaken in Rio’s Sambadrome, the purpose-built stadium where 80,000 fans cheer on the Samba schools as they parade along the 700m stretch of runway. Whilst this is considered the fundamental aspect to Carnival, what most people see in magazines and experience whilst there are the street parties, or blocos, which also have their fair share of flotillas and ridiculously dressed dancers. With over 500 of these blocos happening around the city every year, each with about 4000 dancers, it’s safe to say that you’re never too far away from a great party during the week long celebration that is the Rio Carnival.

One of the great things about the Carnival is its location. You’re seconds away from Ipanema beach, so a dip in the ocean to cure that hangover is surely on the cards every morning before you do the whole thing all over again and again until the week is up!

Other side attractions worth visiting if you’re all partied out are the Sugarloaf mountains, offering unrivalled views of Rio, and a trip up to the Christ the Redeemer statue.

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