Best Places to Snorkel in Adelaide

Best Places to Snorkel in Adelaide

Looking for the best places to snorkel in Adelaide? The city of Adelaide and the surrounding region of South Australia have several excellent snorkeling spots. The diversity of snorkeling opportunities available more than compensates for the fact that the water is a touch chilly. Snorkels are available for people of various skill levels. There are a few cruises that provide unique snorkeling opportunities as well.

When snorkeling in Adelaide, it is a good idea to wear at least a shortie wetsuit, even in the summer. Summer water temperatures are typically in the low 20s at the most. Not only do they give a small amount of sun protection, but they also keep you warmer, allowing you to snorkel for longer periods of time. Take your gear and get ready to tackle the water!

The best snorkeling places in Adelaide

1. Second Valley

Snorkeling may be done just off the shore. It is safe and enjoyable, even though marine life may be limited. Lasseter’s Reef, a 400-metre swim from the beach in open water, is where the fun is. A nearby bay provides access to the sea caves, but be cautious of strong currents.

During your trip, you might see leafy sea dragons in the caves and bays. You will need to have a good eye to find them. It is the best dive site for those who don’t mind the swim out to Lasseter’s Reef because of the abundance of fish.

2. Best places to snorkel in Adelaide: Rapid Bay Jetty 

Because of its unique characteristics, this is one of the best snorkeling sites in Adelaide. To get out to the old jetty, you’ll have to swim around 200 meters. The depth of the water is around 10 metres. During high tide, you will be able to see currents whirling about under the jetty. The sheer quantity of fish that can be contained in a small space is incredible. Around the jetty, there are over 40 different types of fish, so you never know what you might see.

When the tide changes or there is a neap or dodge tide, it is advised to try this spot to avoid being caught in the current. We would want to emphasize the need to wear a wetsuit once again. Keep warm and stay out in the cold! The old jetty is easily accessible from the new Rapid Bay jetty, which is short. The new jetty provides a great platform from which to launch.

3. Port Gawler Mangroves

This is an excellent location for seeing mangroves from sea level, and the quantity of fish in this area is also rather high. Even if the fish aren’t very big, you’ll spot them as soon as you step foot into the water. At the northernmost extremity of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary lies Port Gawler. It stretches all the way south to St. Kilda. This section of the park has a fantastic adventure playground and several bird-watching vantage spots. There’s also a coffee shop nearby, so you can sit back and take in the scenery.

4. Port Willunga

See if you can spot the wreckage’s commemorative plaque. Eighteen people died when the ship went aground, even though it was just a few miles from land. Keep an eye out for dolphins as they swim by you on their way back to the coast.

The Port Willunga area of Adelaide is a fantastic place to go snorkeling. The beach is white and pristine, the water may be a beautiful turquoise color, and the rocks glow red in the late afternoon sun. Keep an eye out for the tunnels cut into the cliff face by anglers, as well as the remnants of an ancient jetty.

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