Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour

Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour

Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour visit remote Western Australian regions

Perth to Adelaide bus tour
The Perth to Adelaide Bus tour will showcase undiscovered and remote regions of Western and Southern Australia. On the way, you can explore the best of beaches, wildlife encounters, and picturesque National Parks. The bus tour will offer you a unique experience that will include swimming with the dolphins, sleeping under the stars, hiking the National parks, tree top walks in ancient forests, surfing the dunes, personalized indigenous culture, and cage diving with the great white sharks.

Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour Visit Wave Rock, Fitzgerald River and Cape Le Grand National Park

Perth to Adelaide bus tour
Highlights of the Perth to Adelaide tour include Wave Rock, Fitzgerald River , Cape Le Grand National park. You will also discover the wonders of South Australia which consists of the wild Eyre Peninsula, Murphy’s Haystacks, shark cage diving, swimming with the dolphins and the sea lions, and hiking the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour via Fitzgerald River National Park

Your journey will begin as you travel east of Perth and over the Darling Ranges. You will see Western Australia’s oldest inland town and historic township, York. After for some time, you will encounter Wave Rock which is Australia’s biggest wave that is far away from the ocean. Wave Rock rises to up to 15m. It is over 2700 million years in the making and has now become a popular tourist destination — the multi-colored cliff that is 110 meters long, and it is shaped like a huge wave which is about to crash down onto the bush. You can surf the giant wave or pose on the rock face.

Rock painting and caves

Nearby, you will also find rock painting on the walls of the Mulka’s cave that tell the tale of the Aboriginal legends. When at wave rock after a winter rain, you will be amazed by Western Australian wildflowers, dazzle with color and blooming in their billions.
Perth to Adelaide bus tours
After a few more hours of travel, you will arrive at Fitzgerald River National Park which is world recognized biosphere. It is renowned for its spectacular scenery and is a botanical wonderland. It’s on one of the magnificent stretches of coast of Australia with unspoiled wilderness. The park is rich with fauna and flora, and t well known for its diversity.

Fitzgerald River National Park to Cape Le Grand National Park.

Cape Le Grand National Park is a spectacular National Park that is the ideal place to watch Australia’s most spectacular scenery. You will find the ocean that is blue is very transparent, and you will see the local eastern grey kangaroo’s sunbathing on the beach. Perfect and pristine are two words that can be used to describe the beauty of Lucky bay.

Perth to Adelaide bus tour
kangaroos on lucky bay

The Lucky Bay sands have Australia’s whitest. You can go on a coastal bushwalk, fiddle with your camera’s aperture, and have a splash on the sea or kick back along the beach.
If you were unable to spot the kangaroo’s, early morning would be prime time to have a look at what’s hopping in the beach. A hike up Frenchman’s Peak will reveal the stunning views of the islands of Recherché Archipelago. Is said afterward, the journey will start eastbound where you can be left in awe as you view the southern sky and be left speechless by the show of shooting stars and constellations.

Cape Le Grand National Park to The Nullarbor

The sheer size and vastness of this ancient land will be evident as you travel 500 km of straight road, which is the world’s longest stretch. The name “Nullarbor” comes from Latin and means ‘No trees’, so you may not see vegetation or anything else at all along the way. o However, in reality, Nullarbor is covered with mulga scrub, blue bush, and even wildflowers after rain.
Perth to Adelaide bus tours
You will also come across plenty of wildlife that includes kangaroos, wild camels, and emus. You may even discover space junk on the way. Appearances can be deceiving as within the dry limestone plain lies the largest underground lake system in Australia. The drive that takes you through this landscape is the straightest, longest and flattest in Australia. You can even watch whales from the world’s longest line of sea cliff’s.

The Great Australian Bight and Coodie Park

Perth to Adelaide bus tour
The Bunda Cliffs will be a place where the Nullarbor plain drops into the Southern Ocean. Being the longest line of sea cliffs that are without interruption, nearly 200km along the Great Australian Bight. The great Australian Bight is also known as “The Edge of Australia.” You will also cross the Dingo fence which stands at 5614 km, believed to be the longest fence in the world. You will even get a chance to visit the Ceduna Arts and Cultural Centre where you will get to know more about work. Afterward, you will come across Coodlie Park, which has a private beach and provides an insight into rural living. You can kick back and relax and watch the sunset from the private beach.

Coodlie Park to Eyre Penninsula.

Baird bay is a small fishing village that is north of Elliston situated in the Eyre Peninsula. You will be able to swim with sea lions and beautiful bottlenose dolphins making it an experience you will remember forever.
You will be lead to Murphy’s Haystacks which comprises a collection of warped rock formations. These wind-worn pillars made up of pink granite is believed to be over 1500 million years old. You can also explore the Taila caves which have huge caverns carved into coastal cliffs. You can go for sand boarding at the Lake Newland Sand Dunes. You can experience a thrilling ride as you sand board down on the dunes.

Mikkira Station and Port Lincoln

After you experience some more spectacular coastal driving, you will encounter Lock’s well, which has 283 step staircase that will take you down to the beach which will give you an opportunity for a beach stroll and a chance to admire the cliffs.
You will arrive at Port Lincoln which is considered Australia’s seafood capital. It is the largest commercial fishing fleet in the southern hemisphere. You can check out local sites in this beautiful town with your free time. After a short drive, you can arrive at Mikkira which is a clustered with Koalas and Manna Gums.

Port Lincoln to Mt Remarkable

You will get a chance to either learn about local whaling history at the Whalers way conservation park and have a dive with the great white sharks. You can visit the remains of a whaling station, and while you are at it, you may encounter emus and kangaroos. You can also stop at Glen Forest Wildlife Park and hand feed some selected wildlife.
If you choose shark diving, you will be boating out to the sea. You will need to change into diving gear. You will need to hop into a cage and meet the real monsters of the deep.
You will also visit the Wadlata Cultural Centre where you will get a chance to learn about the life of the new frontier pioneers of Southern Australia.

Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour last leg Mt Remarkable to Adelaide

You will come across pioneer mining towns of Wallaroo, Kadina, and Moonta as you come to the entrance of Adelaide. You can explore this historic area and check out its rustic charm.

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Perth to Adelaide Bus Tour