Your Guide To The Ultimate Summer Holiday Sailing The Greek Islands

Sailing holiday Greece

Soaking yourself in the waters of the Aegean, sunbathing on the deck of a boat as it rocks gently to the rhythm of the waves whilst you sip on a cocktail… is this all sounding a bit too good to be true? Well you can make this a reality on a sailing holiday around the Greek Islands during the European summer.

The clear blue waters surrounding the Greek Islands are beckoning you to their shores for summer 2017. Spend a week swimming, sunbathing, island hopping and partying your way around the Greek Islands. As you coast from port to port you’ll have a unique opportunity to sample the cuisine, culture and nightlife of different islands, including Ios, Mykonos and the beautiful Santorini.

Spend your days exploring the islands and trying some real Greek cuisine such as Moussaka, Kleftiko or Saganaki (it’s fried cheese and you will become addicted), or simply frolic all day long in the waters with your shipmates, or laze on the stunning beaches.

Holidays are of course best when you go with the flow, but for those of you who like to have a loose plan so you have more time for relaxation here’s a few places that you should definitely visit whilst sailing in Greece.

Things to do in the Greek Islands…

  • Go kayaking around the island of Ios
  • Party the night away at Gupaloca on Mykonos
  • Eat Gyros!
  • Go hiking on the islands of Naxos
  • Have a swim at Agios Fokas by Paros
  • Have a sunbath on the secluded Maganari Beach on Ios
  • Feel the healing Aegean Breeze coming off the sea
  • Ask for a Dr OUZO whilst on board with Sail in Greece

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