Staying In Australia For A Second Year

second year in australia

Thanks to your burgeoning career, you’ve spent the last year or so working in Australia. You thought it would only be a temporary measure but now you’ve been bitten by the bug – and we’re not speaking figuratively despite the unprecedented levels of creepy crawlies one finds Down Under – you love it here and you’ve decided to extend your stay.

Moving to Australia

Your lifestyle – coupled undoubtedly with the climate – has led you to make the decision that your future lies within the Land of Oz. This means you’re probably going to need personal belongings shipped out to you from your home country. Just considering the logistical problems surrounding such a dilemma is stressful enough. But luckily there are relocation experts out there to collect, store and deliver your items worldwide. And Seven Seas Worldwide is one of the best options available. But more about them later.

Second Year Visa For Australia

Unfortunately if you desire to extend your stay in Australia, you can’t just send a polite letter to the PM: You will need to set the administrative wheels in motion to secure an extension to your visa. There is plenty of information on the Australian government’s website but here are a few pointers:

• The visa you will require is the Skilled Independent Visa which guarantees permanent resident status as soon as you receive it
• Once your request has been processed, your skills will need to be assessed by an independent body
• There is a points-based test for which you will need to score at least 120 points, so get swotting
• Medical professionals are always in great demand but if you do not work in this area, you will need to check the current list of desired skills available on the Department of Immigration website as it changes regularly
• Employee sponsorship is a quicker and easier way of extending your stay if you do not wish to go through the lengthy process of obtaining a Skilled Independent Visa
• Your employer must nominate you and prove that you have the necessary skills to continue work in Australia – they’ve got to be your cheerleader basically

Shipping To Australia

Once you’ve established the best method of extending your stay, the next project is having the rest of your personal items sent from your home country to Australia. And this is where Seven Seas Worldwide comes in.

Seven Seas Worldwide has a shipping network covering both the UK and Australia and can be trusted to collect, store and deliver your goods, whatever you choose to relocate. Whether you’re shipping a few extra clothes or arranging to have the contents of your whole house transported Down Under, Seven Seas Worldwide has a system in place to ensure smooth and secure door-to-door delivery.

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