Signing Up With The Job Shack

sSigning Up With The Job Shack

If finding work in The Northern Territory is what you are after then you will want the helpful support and assistance from the team at Job Shack.

When you sign up with The Job Shack you will be able to put in contact with the right employers in the area and to become a member isn’t hard at all. To sign up all you have to do is be in Darwin and attend one of the meetings! Nice and easy. You will need to arrive at the Youth Shack hostel on either of the Tuesdays or Thursdays that the meetings to become a member are held.

What You Will Need

Don’t Just Bring Yourself! Be sure that you have in your possession your passport, visa, resume and joining fee.

Your Membership Includes:

  • A 12 month validity for The Job Shack that covers the whole of The NT.
  • Resume Reconstruction.
  • Free printing services of your resume.
  • Discounted prices on RSA & White Card Training.
  • Discounts on Accommodation & Travel.
  • Tax/Superannuation information.
  • Local information and Tourism Advice.
  • Ongoing support throughout Australia.
  • Mail holding.
  • Monthly Job Shack BBQs!

To check out what jobs are available in the Northern Territory and to sign up with The Job Shack, visit