Splendour In The Grass Unveil Their Splendour Arts 2016 Program

Splendour Arts 2016

Each year Splendour Arts creates an unpredictable and boundary bending contemporary art experience that tends to leave festival goers enriched, inspired and sometimes even perplexed.

This year looks to be just as captivating with an exciting roster that includes intoxicating visuals and video art, mysterious communities, miraculous inflatable houses of worship and poop ice creams (yes you did read that); spread throughout the illustrious North Byron Parklands site.

Curated by internationally exhibited artist Craig Walsh, the stunning outdoor space will feature six major pieces, showcasing the country’s best contemporary artists.

Check out our guide to the sections and what you can expect when you’re there.

Arch Tunnel Response by Ash Keating

Arch Tunnel Response is a site-responsive painting by Melbourne artist Ash Keating, which was commissioned especially for the entrance tunnel to the Splendour in the Grass site. Keating used a palette of white, yellows, oranges and magenta to create long, continuous and gestural streams of colour.

Rendered by Shaun Gladwell

The video art space is a new addition to the Splendour Arts program and will feature a different artist each year.

Known for his investigation into contemporary forms of human movement, spatial experience and transformation, Shaun Gladwell has explored these themes through video and photographic recordings, both of himself and other extreme sport athletes.

He uses activities such as skateboarding, parkour, BMX bicycle riding, graffiti, urban exploring or “buildering”, as well as completely invented actions, as a means to rethink the function of objects and environments. Gladwell has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe since 2001. He will exhibit four video pieces at Splendour 2016.

Upper Downs by Bennet Miller

Splendour has seen the evolution of Barnraiser, Rumspringer and Anabaptister, and 2016 brings the fourth instalment of this unique community: Upper Downs.

In Upper Downs you can once again find yourself mingling amongst the mysterious community residing within the walls of The Barn. Some of the inhabitants will lose their way and abandon their values in favour of gambling and liquor. The struggle will be real when temptation is waved right in front of their eyes with this year’s instalment of an Amish casino including spinning wheels, a roulette table and a range of card games.

Program 2 by Sam Songailo

This Melbourne based painter and installation artist approaches each artwork as an experiment. Using Splendour attendees as his test subjects he will release them into his artwork and watch as their reactions unfold. Program 2 explores the limits of perception and the phenomenology of consciousness. Keep your eyes peeled for Songailo’s creation which will be scattering smoke and throwing light in all directions.

Un Intelligent Design by Andy Forbes

The Tent of Miracles guarantees to have its audience in stitches with their infamous Splendour wedding show. Grab your three-night stand and pre-book a festival wedding so that the love lasts forever.

Forbes’s iconic inflatable church, inspired by freaky side shows and circus art, will also be home to a potent mix of live theatre, dance comedy and rock n roll.

Mr Poopie by Cool Shit

Everybody poops and everybody likes ice cream. Coincidence? Mr Poopie thinks not. The infamous poop emoji is the inspiration for Mr Poopie, who attempts to explore this uncanny relationship in a delicious and disgusting manner.

Jump in and marvel at the indulgent and delicious substance excreting from the ice cream dispensers. Dine-in or take-away, either way you wont forget Mr Poopie!

Splendour in the Craft

Roll up to Splendour in the Craft across the weekend and you can get down and dirty with a bunch of awesome workshops including:

  • Paper Chandeliers with Beci Orpin
  • Charms for the Charming Bracelets by Each To Own
  • Lantern Making with Amac
  • Smash those Bad Dreams: Dream Catchers with Regular Wildcat & Meet Make Create
  • Apomogy with Rachel Burke
  • Fake It ‘Til You Make It (yourself) with Fancy Free (Rachel Burke and Patience Hodgson)
  • Totes, Totes with Art Park

Punters can also pom pom the day away in the outdoor garden or pick up a red skin cookie and coffee from the SouthSide Tea Room, run by Aussie indie band The Grates.

Splendour in the Grass will be held at North Byron Parklands in July 22 to 24.

Find out about the Splendour Sideshows now at splendourinthegrass.com