Stanton Warriors

BATTLING a hangover after a gig at Sydney’s Chinese Laundry, Dominc B from the Stanton Warriors took time out to chat with DEBORAH JACKSON about their new album, Warriors, which was released on Friday.


What can fans expect from the new album?

It has been going really well, getting some good reactions, the first track of the album was BBC radios best record of the world, so it is quite an exciting time for us at the moment, which is good.


What are some of your favourite tracks from the album?

Different tracks resonate with different people in different areas.  A lot of the time albums will have like one or two tracks, and then the rest are kind of filler tracks, so it is nice for people to always come back with a different tune as their favourite.


How do you manage to stay ahead of the curve when you are putting together a new track or a new album?

You have to think out of the box, you have to just try as much as you can to be innovative and fresh.  Doing music for a long time, just for your own sanity it’s just nice to try and push boundaries.


What has been the greatest influence behind the album?

Travelling and touring.  Picking up different sounds and samples from around the world and then working it into our music and playing our set music in a club that night… All of that hand in hand is kind of like inspiring as each other.  A great club or a great night out can inspire you to make a great tune the next day.


What is your favourite type of gig?

Festivals are good, 18,000 people in one room you’ll be looking out over the crowd and just thinking “Jesus”, but at the same time we just did a gig at the Chinese Laundry in Sydney, we did a 4 hour set, which you don’t ever do at festivals and that felt more satisfying from an artists point of view because you can really get deep and down with the people right in front of you.