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It’s lucky that I Like That is such a fantastic song because there was a time you couldn’t change radio stations without hearing it! Now, the man responsible – Static Revenger – is visiting Australia for a bunch of gigs and BBM caught up with him.

I read you were looking fotward to exploring Australia’s car culture because you’re from the motor city in America!
I’m playing this gig in the Gold Coast after the V8 Supercars, and I grew up with the big muscle car culture in Detroit! Australia puts their own unique slant on everything so I’m really keen to check it out!

After all the number one dance hits, the millions of records you’ve sold, does it surprise you when you have such a smash like I Like That?
Yeah! It does but believe me, the song is famous – I’m not. The other day I pulled up to the lights and there was this hot chick next to me, blaring I Like That on the stereo and singing every word.
I’ve never heard my song like that before so I got really excited, yelling “HEY! THAT’S ME!” at her – she just saw somebody yelling at her, got scared as sped off! It’s still that way, it’s still fucking exciting and I just want to share it with someone!

Am I right saying that if you are enjoying yourself, the crowd will notice & enjoy themselves more?
Dude, yes! That is so true! I have played crappy songs that I fucking love that have gone over better than big songs I hate and feel like I have to play it. You have to enjoy it yourself because the crowd senses if you don’t, somehow.

Fri 22nd: Gold Coast & Byron Bay
Sat 23rd: Fat As Butter Newcastle
Sat 23rd: Soho Nightclub, Sydney
Thu 28th: Apple Bar, Adelaide
Sat 30th: Fusion, Melbourne
Sun 31st: Neverland, Melbourne