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    Glamp Your Way Around Europe’s Best Summer Events

    With Stoke Travel’s newly announced Glamping options, you can make sure you don’t miss out on any of the top festivals and events in Europe this summer.

    Stoke Travel’s accommodation options are mostly in tents and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s something about camping that makes for a great party. Being a recluse is nearly impossible, while the feeling of community is high.

    Stoke Travel aims to keep trips as cheap as possible, without compromising on quality, and that’s why they offer more bang for less buck than other tour operators.

    Enter Stoke Travel’s Festival Glamping Palaces, a sleeping arrangement that lives somewhere on the luxurious side of living outside, comfortable camping, terrific tents, snug sleeping arrangements. Stoke Travel’s Glamping options won’t break the bank, and it definitely won’t alienate you from your fellow travellers, but it will make you just that little more comfortable, cozy, and as such better rested for whatever chaotic festivities await you during your waking hours.

    Here’s what Stoke have got lined up in addition to the standard chef-made hot breakfasts and dinners, Stoke’s own campsite parties, and the option for an open beer/sangria bar for €10 extra per day…

    • Large glamping tent that you can stand up in, for stretching, dressing and other activities
    • Power and lighting
    • Inflatable mattresses with fitted bed sheets and sleeping bags, making them doubly as warm as the standard
    • Pillows, for the head on request, so you don’t have to sleep on your dirty clothes
    • Bottle of water to start the day right, and help the hangover
    • Local newspaper and free WiFi, that may or may not double as the aforementioned porn channel (don’t do it, you’re gross)
    • Bedside table to keep your shit in order
    • Hanging mirror and bin, so you can see how hot you are and keep your sleeping quarters hot too
    • Welcome drink, for feeling welcome
    • Morning coffee and turndown service, so you start fresh each day and so does your palace
    • 24/7 Stoke friend at your service, kind of like a butler but way less stuffy
    • An umbrella for the rain or a hat for the sun, depending on what you need to keep off your beautiful face
    • One festival survival kit, containing things
    • And fast check in and check out, because we want our Glampers to feel very important indeed.

    Oktoberfest & SpringFest

    • Heater, for warming them bones
    • Unlimited coffee, tea, soup, hot chocolate & marshmallows day station to keep you human

    Book Oktoberfest deals here

    San Vino, Bulls & La Tomatina

    • Unlimited icey poles day station to keep you cool.

    Book La Tomatina deals here

    So while Stoke Travel do go above and beyond when it comes to our standard accommodation, the Festival Glamping Palaces take it up a notch and then some, making sure that you’re comfortable and well-rested, and the best you possible when it comes time to party with your thousands of new best friends.

    Book your next Stoke Travel trip in style with the promo code BBM at and enjoy all that unlimited beer and sangria for free.

    View Stoke’s glamping deals here

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