Student Shipping Deals For Your Gap Year In Australia

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Get money saving tips for a gap year in Australia

Spend Your Gap Year In Australia

If you’ve just received your A-level results and are planning a gap year, then why not head down under to Australia?

With so much to see and do, you can happily spend your gap year in Australia either travelling around, taking a course, or even getting work experience.

The benefits of travelling to Australia on your gap year are endless and with it being an English speaking country your chances of getting work are also improved if you’re coming from the UK or USA.

For those of you considering settling in a city such as Sydney or Melbourne for a few months you may want to save yourself some money by shipping some of your belongings to Australia. With many rental apartments coming unfurnished, it can end up being terribly expensive to kit out your digs – especially when you may be on a budget for the durations of your travels.

Similarly, many of us simply can’t travel without buying something from every place we visit. If you end up carting around gifts for everyone back home, or souvenirs from your travels, then you may want to consider sending some of it back home. That way you can travel light and keep everyone back home happy!

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