Sydney Perth Melbourne Backpacker Bars for Girls

Sydney Perth Melbourne Backpacker Bars for Girls

Sydney Perth Melbourne Backpacker Bars for Girls: We have located the sexiest bars in Australia for those who are seeking an interesting, daring, and aesthetically pleasing night out. The kinky themes, provocative entertainment, and fully equipped bars that can produce any drink you want will definitely spice up your night out, even if there won’t be any nudity or hidden chambers for secret enjoyment. Here you may find pubs with modest but alluring decor, perfect for lounging amid ostentatious boho furniture or sampling expensive drinks with seedy names.

The Mustang Bar Northbridge

Wild Wednesday with PUMP!

We proudly present The Stang’s weekly Backpacker & Student $5 fest!

A staple of the Perth & Northbridge Backpacker’s weekly diet, famous for its value for your buck and consideration for the fiscally challenged…

For a mere $5 you can get:
* Beef Burger & drink
* Entry for $100 cash door prize
* Free entry to the Pool Comp at 8 pm – 1st prize is $100 2nd prize is a $50 voucher.
* LIVE Band PUMP on stage from 9.30 pm with DJ Zac Farrow

Plus, being a student or backpacker isn’t strictly necessary!

There are a limited number of spots available in the pool competition, so if you want to participate, you’ll need to act fast.

The Absinthe Salon Surry Hills Sydney

Situated in Sydney’s artistic district, this building evokes the Belle Époque—the “Golden Age” that followed World War One—through its art nouveau design. Renowned painters and authors including Vincent Van Gogh and Charles Baudelaire were fans of absinthe, a fragrant bitter plant from temperate North Africa and Eurasia that has gained renown as Sydney’s exclusive absinthe bar. Here at this hip spot, the wait staff wear attractive historical garb, and customers are free to express their individuality via the clothes they choose to wear. Get into your Parisian fancies in your finest outfit, or just wear your best shirt and pants. At each table, you’ll find an Absinthe fountain. To make the mixture hazy, pour chilled water over a sugar lump. Take a go at three of the twenty-four different variations of the Swiss and French beverage and see how you do.

87 Albion Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

The Boho Bar Adelaide

Invitingly situated with lush lounges adorned with vibrant furnishings and captivating fireplaces, this venue offers an irresistible blend of seductiveness and cheekiness. Indulge in a wide variety of premium spirits, including tequilas, gins, rums, whiskies, and bourbons, as you feast on delectable food.

The eatery is located around Boho entertainment complex
27 Unley Road, Parkside, Adelaide

Ondergronds Bar Melbourne

03 9650 3708

Trading Hours
Fri: 4pm – late
Sat: 7pm – late
Other days only open for a private function

Ondergronds, which means “underground” in Dutch, is a wonderful surprise for people who do not have the opportunity to visit the forgotten city. There is a red-light district room, a coffee shop room, and a kinky blue room inside Ondergronds Bar, all styled after Amsterdam’s world-famous coffee shops and red-light district. Incorporating the Coffee Shop Lounge’s mellow Dutch vibe into your day is easy, or you may unleash your inner kink queen with their steamy shots. To ease your tongue, try the Dirty Fuck, a combination of Goldschlager and Baileys, or the Red Headed Slut, a mixture of Jagermeister, Peach Schnapps, and cranberry juice.

27 Russell Street, Melbourne

Ezra Pound Northbridge Perth

Bar Snacks —

Smoked Almonds – $5

Sweet Chilli Soy Crisps – $5

Sicilian Olives – $6

Cheese Board – $15

This low-key watering hole is modelled after American watering holes that were required to covertly provide alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition period. The pub welcomes anybody seeking a discreet spot to unwind, even if it tries to evade those who aren’t looking. Put on your best cravat and top hat for a night of dressing up. To kick off your evening, we suggest a Blood and Sand or a revitalising Red Wedding (not the one from Game of Thrones) drink. For a delicious rum winter warmer, try their applewood-smoked goblet filled with black Angostura rum. Stylish artwork adorns the walls of this inviting bar, and the rum they serve is sure to warm you up.

189 William Street, Williams Lane, Northbridge

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