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  • The Actions The Echo New Single

    The Actions The Echo New Single


    Coming fresh off a series of shows with Green Day in Europe, The Actions have returned with a new single, the bass-centric alt rock, The Echo.

    Having previously worked with Warner Chappell on their earlier material, Marta Argenio (aka Silty) and Mo Stellato have decided it was time to mix things up a bit. The London based duo, have spent some time working on their craft, changing their sound, and pushing their boundaries to the limit. This new sound is ready to present in the form of their upcoming single The Echo.

    The single is a blend of electronica, post rock and psychedelic ambience. From start to finish the track is filled with raw energy and acts as a sonic tribute to the likes of Underworld and Sneaker pimps. An insistent bass line, filters throughout the track, alongside a steady drum beat and dynamic guitar creating a somewhat brooding tune. Silty’s distorted vocals sound unsettling juxtaposed to the minor chords played by the guitar, which has a jazzy tone to it. The duo’s production drips with strength and conviction throughout the single.

    The Echo is a song worth everyone’s attention, and it will be available for sale and download 8th December 2014 via Niteo Records.

Those living in or near London can check out The Actions live at their upcoming tour date, on the 20th November at the Totting Tram and Social.

    Listen to the Echo below:


    by James Barker

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