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    The Best Restaurants in Melbourne

    Considered one of Australia’s most populous cities in the state of Victoria, Melbourne rates very highly in terms of entertainment options and dining for visitors to the country. Each year millions of international and domestic visitors from other states congregate to experience the plethora of amusements that take over the city. Along with its festivals come the pop up eateries and the restaurants that jostle for attention. With many of the best restaurants in Melbourne opening throughout the year, we’ve taken the hassle out of sampling the best ones, with our lineup of the following popular dine-in places.

    Here are The Best Restaurants in Melbourne

    As is finding the ultimate restaurants  amongst the best things to do in Sydney, so too is it in Melbourne. we will leave it up to you to decide whilst you feast yourself through your east coast Australia tours

    400 Gradi

    From the outside looking in 400 Gradi might come off as just another ordinary pizzeria down Lygon Street. However, appearances can certainly be deceiving where this restaurant is concerned. Following restaurant owner Johnny Di Francesco´s recent success at the World Pizza CHampionship, diners can be assured of experiencing nothing less than the best pizza at this restaurant in Melbourne. The restaurant’s own Margherita pizza stole the crown along with the palates of the judges at the competition.  Deriving its name from the perfect temperature to cook pizza (400 Degrees), the atmosphere within its walls offers the ideal warmth for some hot comfort food on a cold evening. While it is recommended highly that one should sample the pizza, 400 Gradi offers a diverse selection of Italian fare to savour. There´s the crumb fried veal with stuffed olives and the pappardelle with herbs, pancetta and parmesan which are the two more popular dishes. For those who are looking for a spot of adventure to spice up their things-to-do-list in melbourne, the margherita gelato is a must.

    5 Lire

    In a bid to bring back an authentic taste of all things Italian, head chef and founder Laura Notarfrancesco´s restaurant the 5 Lire is already creating a buzz. Located just across the street from more established eateries, the 5 Lire has turned up the heat of competition in the neighbourhood.  Diners over the weekend have to queue up for a table at the eatery and options such as communal seating have been included so as not to disappoint. For those visitors who don´t fancy staying in line, then an early start at 5 Lire, offers a savoury or sweet breakfast. Not too many restaurants in Melbourne have a fancy breakfast menu that includes ricotta hotcakes, coconut granola or poached pear. However,  for those who hanker for a savoury start,  try the mushroom and frittata or the mozzarella and Italian pork sausage paste with sourdough.


    5 Points Deli

    Melburnians are quite fond of their  American cuisine staples such as fried chicken, burgers and BBQ dishes. While many restaurants and pubs in Melbourne serve up a decent burger, the kid on the block that everyone wants to eat at is the 5 Points Deli. Drawing its inspiration from a typical New York Deli, 5 Points offers diners a sleek and refreshing saloon look that is devoid of the usual sandwich menu displays. As for the menu it’s relatively uncomplicated, but mature enough to host your friends and family for a meal. Aside from the sandwiches and the bagels that are standard yankee fare, the smoked pastrami and the Cobb salad laced with thick dressing are favourites among diners.



    Located down Chapel Street, Abacus with its floor to ceiling glass paneled windows offers a fresh and summery feel for those who dine there. Priding itself on the freshest and seasonal produce of the local market, the restaurant even maintains its own bee hives. Unlike other restaurants in Melbourne, the Abacus offers some brunch time dishes with an experimental twist. Dishes like scrambled eggs with almond butter and croquettes are a  crowd pleasers along with well prepared Padre Coffee at this restaurant in Melbourne. For evening drinks diners need not look around for pubs in Melbourne as the local drinks list at Abacus includes cocktails and wines.  Nibbles dressed up on share plates are also available throughout the night.

    Whether you are branching out to restaurants on the west whilst enjoying your Perth to Broome Tours, whether you are south or east, Australia is packed with restaurants. Do not rush yourself however, take all the time needed to see yourself through the best restaurants in Melbourne.

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