Bertie Balckman

Bertie BalckmanGet to the chopper! It’s the Shermanator.
Following on from the success of the inaugural event in Sydney last year, the Ben Sherman Big British Sound is back for 2010. The idea behind the show is that Ben Sherman selects a range of the best emerging artists in Australian independent music to come together and celebrate the clothes label’s British music heritage.
Each band/artist throws one or two covers into their set from British artists they like. Sounds simple.
This year’s event, which will also be held in Melbourne, features Bertie Blackman, Whitley, Jonathan Boulet, Fergus Brown (interviewed on p36), Deep Sea Arcade Pikelet, Big Scary and more. (Line-ups vary for each show)

6 May 2010: The Corner Hotel, Richmond, VIC
7 May 2010: The Metro, Sydney, NSW