The Five Main Factors with Text to Speech

The Five Main Factors with Text to Speech

Text to speech is a huge phenomenon with technology nowadays because of its many uses. With so many competitors in this niche, it can be hard to figure out what makes a great text to speech converter.

Five of the biggest factors that most of the top text to speech software have are listed below in no particular order.  There are many more factors that could be included but I am only listing five of them!

Natural Voices

A text to speech with natural voices is a game-changer.  No one likes to hear a monotone voice that does not even sound like a real human is speaking.

Some of the top software and websites out there actually have so many natural voices to choose from that it is overwhelming to look at all of the options.  In my opinion that is a good thing because natural voices really do enhance the technology.

Different Languages

For people that have to convert text to speech into a native or different language for people, it is vital that they have options.  What many texts to speech companies can offer are other languages to choose from.

There are a few out there that have over 5 and sometimes even 10 different options to choose from so that you can pick and choose your preferred language.

Downloading Files

With how much this technology has evolved, you are behind the pack if you can’t download your files to mp3.

For whatever reason, this feature can come in handy for your day to day usage or with business usage for commercial reasoning.  Definitely look for a text to speech program that can offer this feature because it can be quite useful for you in the future.

High Character Limit

Text to speech converters can really only handle so much.  Definitely the amount of characters that converter can handle is important for you if you are going to be a factor.  A lot of free options out there can handle thousands of characters.

There are even premium plans by some companies that let you convert over 20,000 characters at once before you hit your limit.  If you need a lot of converting at once, you should pay attention to that metric.

SSML Support

A good amount of text to speech converters do not do a good job with this feature.  SSML support is basically the ability to change the speed, tone, pronunciation, and other features relating to speech.

Everything with technology is becoming more personalized, and you can really personalize your text to speech conversion with some software’s out there.  Do not get left behind and use a converter that does not do anything in the SSML support section.

There you have it for five factors that should play a role in deciding which platform you choose to use for text to speech.  Be sure to keep these in mind because a lot of the great software’s out there are checking off all of these boxes and then some!