The Freestylers


“When you are making music, you don’t know what is going to happen.” Aston Harvey, one half of celebrated underground dance producers The Freestylers, is seemingly nonchalant about the fact that their music has crossed over into the mainstream on a couple of occasions. With the realisation that music is universal, the reception is out of the hands of the producer. When interviewed by BBM’s Jeremy Williams, Harvey is adamant that “our ambition as  The Freestylers is to make the best music we can possibly make. Its been that since we’ve started it. That hasn’t changed. We try and make people enjoy our music.”

Having been around since 1996, Harvey and his cohort Matt Cantor have survived what could easily be described as a tumultuous industry. Whilst most acts have a flash in the pan success, it is a rarity to still be going from strength to strength a decade and a half later. Interestingly, Harvey credits their continuing career on the fact that as an act they have never become fully mainstream. Chart fans may be familiar with tracks “Push Up”, “Don’t Stop” and “Get A Life”, on the whole their material has steered clear of the radio friendly. Whilst genre wise they are akin to Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx, Harvey concedes “they have been commercially more successful in that respect. I guess when you are making underground music, you can just be a little more faceless and carry on making your tunes. People seemed to have embraced us, so we have been very fortunate. But I like to think we have always been making good tunes.”

Admitting that “obviously financially it would have been better. It is the nature of the music, it hasn’t really had that crossover en-masse appeal,” Harvey appears more than happy with his lot. As a musician and music fan, he still finds it “very exciting that somebody wants to pay you to go and play your music in another country. Especially somewhere like Australia, which is so far, we have been very fortunate in that respect.”

The Freestylers play Sunburnt Christmas on Christmas Day at the Bondi Pavilion.


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