Things To Do In Adelaide Australia

South Australia

A trip to Adelaide may raise a few eyebrows when compared to the tourist behemoth known as the Sunshine Coast. Do not let those naysayers dissuade you! Adelaide also has beautiful beaches and excellent wine regions. However, there is much to discover off of the beaten Sunshine path. Here, I present to you a few options that go beyond the beach bums, to experiences that are uniquely Adelaidean.

Adelaide Central Market

If you’re a food lover like me, no trip to any city is complete without a trip to a food market. Officially opened in 1870, Adelaide’s Central Market has as much history as it does produce. With over 80 stalls offering a vast array of multicultural cuisine, this temple of food attracts both locals and tourists. The freshness of its colourful selections will have you salivating. If you don’t have a kitchen to cook in, have no fear – the market also has a café section with tantalizing ready to go meals.

State Library of South Australia

Once you’ve fed the body, don’t forget to feed the mind. The State Library is the perfect amalgamation of new and old architecture. This will banish images of dusty books in fluorescent-lit rooms. The beautiful library is full of interesting finds for everyone in the family. It is divided into three buildings: the ethereal glass Catherine Helen Space Wing, the heritage listed Institute Building, and the Victorian era Mortlock Wing, which is reminiscent of Hogwart’s library (for the Harry Potter fans). It even offers free tours on weekdays at 11:00 and 14:00.

Pub Trivia Night

As an ex-pat in this lovely city, I’ve found one of the best ways to meet locals is to go to a pub trivia night at my local. You can find these trivia nights organised in various pubs around the city and (even better) the events are free! This is not your mundane pen on paper night where you can barely hear the MC. This is a full multimedia show with buzzers and excellent prizes! Go with your bunkmates from the hostel and have an excellent night out that does not involve getting groped at some dodgy club. Don’t have a team? Don’t worry! Go down to one of the pubs listed, grab a drink and say hello. People would love to have an extra brain!

Hallett Cove Conservation Park

True, this one is not within the city, but the short 22 km drive south of central Adelaide is definitely worth it. Hallett Cove is one of Australia’s most impressive geological and archeological sites. It boasts more than 1,700 Aboriginal artifacts, found on its premises. Evidence from the Australian Ice Age is still visible on the northern cliff tops. These etchings from past glaciers are absolutely incredible. The Sugarloaf, shaped by rain and wind erosion over thousands of years, displays the geological history of Australia. I strongly recommend The Marion Coastal Walking Track that will take you through the breath-taking views of the park.