Day trip to Toodyay and New Norcia Benedictine Community

Day trip to Toodyay and New Norcia Benedictine Community

Toodyay and New Norcia Day Trips: The only monastic town in Australia, this one-of-a-kind hamlet is located 130 km northeast of Perth in the Avon Valley area and offers a genuine retreat from the everyday. The spirit of this peaceful town will calm everyone, regardless of their beliefs.Toodyay and New Norcia Day Trips

New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery

Featuring a variety of Aboriginal items and offering a fascinating glimpse into the monastery’s past, the New Norcia Museum & Art Gallery is a must stop for every traveler to New Norcia. The art galleries are equally impressive, showcasing everything from classic religious paintings from Europe to quirky modern pieces from Australia.

Walking around the historic site is a great way to absorb the rich history of one of the pioneer towns in Washington state. Another option is to visit the monastery’s private chapel and pray with the monks there. Reserve a room at the charming New Norcia Hotel to maximize your time here.


Toodyay is the perfect spot to stop over, relax, catch your breath, or set up camp while you explore the Avon Valley’s abundance of activities. The tranquility, hospitality, and breathtaking valley views make it a great choice.

Toodyay is situated inland in the picturesque Avon Valley region, only 80km North/East of Perth. The town’s buildings show its colonial and convict history, and when the wildflower season rolls around, the town’s many nature preserves burst into brilliant displays of color.

Accommodation at Toodyay

Toodyay is home to a wide variety of lodging alternatives, such as hotels, bed & breakfasts, homesteads, retreats, and caravan parks, where you can relax and enjoy the rural environment.

More to Explore

Discover the town’s unique shops, cafés, bars, yearly events, parks, and more at Duidgee and Pelham Reserve, as well as the Avon River and Bilya Walk Track. Alternatively, go farther out to find vineyards, restaurants, local animals, stunning wildflowers, and conservation and nature reserves.

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