Top Holiday Destinations For Summer 2020

Top Holiday Destinations For Summer 2020

Although you may be looking out of your wind to grey skies and frosty mornings, it won’t be long before the summer is once again upon us, and now is the perfect time to look forward to catching some sun on our backs. To help get through these cold winter months now is a great time to get booked up for summer, and have something that you can look forward to and which will keep a smile on your face and you de-ice the car or battle through driving rain to get home. With this in mind, these are our picks for summer 2020. 


The Greek islands are so varied and each year there is always one which has a bit of a buzz about it, this year our pick is Mykonos, a gem of an island which is found in the Cyclades. Normally it is Santorini which takes top spot in the Cyclades, but we think that Mykonos certainly deserves a shot at the crown. This island boasts a lively party scene on one hand and on the other it offers tranquility and plenty of historical discovery. Book a Mykonos hotel here and get ahead of the crowds. 


The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has long been a tourist haven but generally people head to the holiday hotspots of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Further east of these holiday resorts however is the quiet and gorgeous Tulum, which over the years has gained some popularity amongst more environmentally-friendly travelers who come to enjoy the eco-lodges and yoga scene of this small town. The truth is that Tulum offers something for just about every traveler and families, couples and solo travelers can all find some respite in this tranquil and sun-kissed haven. Tulum is just an hour away from Cancun making it very accessible and the perfect option for the who want the Mexican sun, without the tourist traps and hullabaloo. 


If you are open minded and looking for some true adventure then Armenia may very well be the perfect country to visit this summer. This is a nation which has long been tipped as the ‘next important holiday spot’ and we predict this to be the year that more people begin to realize that. You may not find too much sea and sand in Armenia but it more than makes up for that with a plethora of stunning natural landscapes from lakes to forest hideouts, mountain villages and lush woodland where you’ll find welcome hospitality, great food and some gorgeous accommodation options. A handful of budget airlines will begin their service to the Armenian capital of Yerevan, as well as some low-cost domestic options. The country is rich in history and culture, there is so much to enjoy and explore and this is going to be a very big year for Armenian tourism, mark our words. 

Which will be your location of choice this summer?