Travel Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Travel Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

A lot of people have routines for preparing for both long and short trips. For some, this extends to activities during the trip and includes all they do afterward. Whatever it is you like to do on a long trip; whether it’s to kick back and play online games with the True Blue casino codes or listen to music, you would want to ensure nothing ruins the trip for you. As you may already know, a lot could go wrong when you travel. Issues range from minor annoyances to major problems that make you wish you never left home. To help you avoid them, here are some travel hacks that could make your traveling experience a whole lot easier.

Hacks Before Your Trip

Use Private Browsing to Book Flights

If you intend to book your flight and buy tickets online, remember to turn on Private Browsing mode while you surf the net. Private browsing mode will ensure that no one can track what you are looking at online as some travel sites do. These travel sites track what you look at online when you visit their site more than once to raise prices accordingly. Using private mode gets you cheaper flights and saves you money.

Inform Your Credit Card Companies and Bank of Your Trip

Sometimes during the rush to travel, especially if it’s an emergency, it could skip your mind to let your bank or credit card company know you won’t be around. This could bring some challenges when you get to your destination, such as difficulty paying for items or flagging your account because of suspicious activity. You don’t even need to physically go to the bank, and the process is often as easy as filling a travel form online. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a little cash in hand if there’s a glitch in this process. Just enough money for your essentials would do.

Scan Important Documents to Keep

It is not uncommon for your stuff to get stolen or misplaced on a trip. Important documents such as your license, passport, and other valuable items could be difficult to replace, especially in a place that isn’t home. Before embarking on trips, please take pictures of these documents, scan and mail them to yourself for safekeeping. In any event of theft or loss, you’ll have an extra copy to easily identify yourself. This hack also allows you to get a replacement at a more convenient period.

Pack Smarter

Good packing skills help you to travel lighter with only the most important items. This is one of the hardest packing hacks and is often the most heard packing tip. Take your time with it and make sure you don’t overpack. Also, keep some of the packing guides in mind. Some of the packing tips to take note of include:

  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them.
  • Bubble wrap your laptop.
  • Roll socks and underwear within clothes to save space.
  • Carry an extra bag.
  • Keep your belt in your shirts.
  • Select lightweight fabric.
  • Do not check your bag.
  • Mark your bag as Fragile.

Look for Affordable Hotel Options

Research the hotels at your destination, especially if you are traveling with family. Set price alerts for hotel deals before you travel so you can check and book in advance. Remember also to check online reviews before you make your decision. Alternatively, you can check available homes in an area available for rent, depending on how long you intend to stay there. Some of them offer better pricing and flexibility than hotels. A popular website for doing this is Airbnb, which allows you to search through private rooms and homes you can rent.

Airport/Airplane Hacks

Check-In A Day before Your Flight

If you are not particular about your seat on the plane, it may serve you well to wait until you can choose any available free seats, usually 24 hours before the flight. You can skip waiting in a check-in line at the airport, which is great if you’re traveling light. If you have luggage, you can print your baggage tag and boarding pass at the airline kiosk, assuming you don’t have electronic copies.

Take an Empty Water Bottle with You

Water at the airport tends to be expensive, and it will be better to take a water bottle with you that you can fill up with water at your convenience. It will have to go through the security line first, but after you can fill it up at a water fountain and drink it whenever you want. When choosing a water bottle, choose a collapsible one that will be easy to store when not in use. You get to save money, and you can also take the water along with you into the plane, so you are not restricted to the number of times the airline offers water.

Take a Picture of Where You Parked

If you intend to leave your vehicle in the parking spot at the airport, remember to take a picture before leaving. After your trip, you might have forgotten where your car is, and this picture will save you a lot of time to locate it and take off. Remember to include details that can help you identify your car’s position, such as aisle, level, and so on. Some airports don’t have terminal numbers or garages on the signage, so you can type descriptions that could help you remember on a note app.

Carry a Portable Charger

Finding a charging outlet at the airport could be challenging, so carry along a portable charger with you to the airport and on the plane. When you’re in the air, make sure you use it to top up your phone before you land. After getting off the plane, you might need your phone for a variety of things, which include using the map, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Look for simple ones you can carry in your purse or pocket effortlessly.

Use the Bathroom Before Landing

Use the bathroom on the plane a couple of minutes before you land. You can do this when the seatbelt light comes on; there should still be about 15 minutes of freedom before you strictly have to be in your seat. This is a chance to quickly use the bathroom so you won’t have the unpleasant experience of looking for the restroom or queuing up to use it when you land, especially in a foreign city.

Hacks During Your Trip

Put All Your Flight Essentials in One Bag

Make sure all of the items that you plan to use during the flight are in one bag. This includes an e-book reader, earbuds, eye masks, etc. When you get into the plane and select your seat, stuff it in the seatback pocket and put the rest of your things under the seat or in the overhead bin. If any liquids are included in the items, you have to pass airport security before putting them in the bag.

Wear Compression Socks

Long plane flights can be very tiring and displeasing. Sometimes after a flight, you may find that your ankles are swollen. Compression socks can help with these challenges and help you have a more enjoyable flight. These socks are made to increase blood circulation, reduce clotting, swelling, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during a trip. Remember to buy one before heading to the airport.

Remember to Pack Earplugs and Eye Masks

Some flights offer earplugs and masks in their complimentary kits but to be safe ensure you travel with yours. You don’t want to lose sleep on the plane simply because you assumed that one would be given to you on the flight. What’s more, if you’re a regular traveler, they can come in handy for all of your trips.

Do Not Use Their Blanket

If you’re given a blanket in an airplane, chances are it has been used by someone else and hasn’t been thoroughly washed. You can’t vouch for its cleanliness except it was taken out of a plastic bag. If you’re feeling cold, you could get your own blanket or wear more clothes to keep yourself warm.

Pack a Snack Bag

Airplane food can sometimes be less than desirable so travel with snacks. Get a bag and put some snacks in them, especially if you have a long flight. You can also give your seat neighbors or flight attendants some of these treats. A small gesture could earn you special treatment or an in-flight upgrade. Make sure you check the TSA rules before packing so you know what is prohibited from entering the airport.

Hacks After Your Trip

Get a Cab from the Departures Area

When you arrive at your destination, you might find a long taxi line at the arrival area. If you have somewhere to get to urgently, a neat trick to skip the line is heading over to the departure drop zone. Since the cabs there will be dropping people off and going to the arrivals taxi line or heading back into town, there’s no stress in getting a ride. You might even be able to bargain with the driver and get a ride at a lower rate.

Always Use ATMs

Most of the time, your bank will have the best possible exchange rate so avoid going to independent vendors or currency exchange services. Use an ATM to get the local currency or use your credit card. Make sure you check the international fees of your credit cards beforehand so you don’t rack up international transaction fees you can’t pay.

Buy a Local SIM Card

Try to get a local SIM card for when you get to your destination so you don’t get charged hefty fees for overseas roaming or data. You can pre-purchase some SIM cards at the airport before you take off and pick them up when you get to your destination. Do a little research and check reviews before making your choice.

Save the Map For Offline Use

You might not have an internet connection abroad and sticking to a WiFi connection might be challenging if you don’t know where they’re located. To avoid getting lost, download the map areas you wish to explore on your phone so you can access them offline. Use labels and start the areas you plan to visit to get them from the map quickly. The latest versions of Google Maps lets you do this easily so you always have a guide available.

Try Out the Food

Go for a food tour on your first day of arrival around the city. Feel free to take suggestions from locals on dishes or restaurants you could try. You can also learn to cook the most popular delicacy in the area. It’s a great way to make friends and to take something valuable away with you after the trip. It doesn’t hurt to ask your neighbors to help you out. An alternative is to go online to get help in purchasing ingredients and learn preparation methods.

Your next trip doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare. When next you decide to go for a trip either alone or with friends, try out some of these hacks to make the experience easier and more pleasant for you.