Travel South Australia and Explore Adelaide

Travel South Australia and Explore Adelaide

Travel South Australia and Explore Adelaide: More over a million people make Adelaide their home, yet you wouldn’t know it from your time there. In terms of size and scope, Adelaide is the biggest human settlement on the planet. Despite what guidebooks would have you believe—that it is the most English of Australia’s cities—we didn’t observe any gang fights outside the pubs (everything shuts at eleven) or individuals who thought UK garage was a beautiful musical style.

Adelaide may be known as an unwanted stop for travellers travelling to Alice Springs or Uluru, but the city really has enough to offer for a few days of exploration. However, if you’re anticipating the insane nightlife of Sydney or the excruciatingly hip clubs of Melbourne, you may be rather disappointed. On the other hand, there are some stunning churches for the architecturally-minded.

Attractions & Activities


Like St. Kilda in Melbourne or Fremantle in Perth, Glenelg is an important suburb for Adelaide. On weekends, half the city will descend upon this primary coastal community. It has the beach, taverns, and shopping all within a tram ride of the city, making it the perfect destination for a day out.

Adelaide Hills:

The Adelaide Hills are the perfect spot to take a deep breath of country air if you’re looking to escape the city (albeit “hustle and bustle” isn’t exactly the adjective most people would use to describe Adelaide). Just thirty minutes by car or a little more by bus will get you to this picturesque region from the metropolis.

Haigh’s Chocolate Factory:

Even if there aren’t any Oompa Loompas or owners who kill children, this is the spot to visit if you’ve ever wanted to live out your inner Willy Wonka. The iconic Haigh’s chocolate factory and choccy-filled store are conveniently located in the city centre, near the parklands, making them easy to reach by foot or car.Tours are free from Monday to Saturday, but booking is essential – call (08) 8372 7077

North Terrace:

For an authentically ethnic appearance, this is the spot to visit. The North Terrace is home to several cultural institutions, including the Botanic Gardens, Art Gallery, Museum, Wine Centre, State Library, and more, so it’s easy to spend a day indulging in your inner culture vulture.

Adelaide Oval:

The South Australian Rugby World Cup games will take place at this breathtaking stadium, widely regarded as one of the most attractive sports arenas on the planet. It’s at a convenient location, only a short stroll north of the River Torrens from the heart of the city.


Adelaide has no shortage of hangover cures, but the city’s main drags, Rundle Street and Hindley Street, are where you’ll find the most of the nightlife. Once you are there, all you have to do is choose a bar.

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